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Winter 2011
Overheard on Campus
What form of digital
technology could you not
live without and why?
“ ”
My Mac Book because it does everything for
me. It links my phone, my iPod and my schedule
together. It reminds me when things are due.
~ Samantha Lopez, ‘11
” “
I cannot go anywhere without my iPhone; the small device
serves as my phone, music player and solution to all of life’s
tribulations (yes, I have an app for everything). Though it can
be a pain in the neck sometimes, I fnd it’s more of a necessity,
especially with interning, capping and being involved with so
many diferent activities on campus this semester.
~ Jacel Egan, ‘11
“ ”
My digital camera is great. It helps me express
myself and show the world my perspective.
~ Mike Caiola, ‘11
” “
Without my GPS, I would be completely lost.
In a perfect world, I would even have it with me
when I had to walk to class just in case I forget
where I am going. ~ Dan Kopf, ‘11
” “
Though I use Facebook and text all
day, I will always prefer a pen and paper.
As the copy chief for The Circle, I always
want an article in front of me rather than
a computer screen to edit from.
~ Emily Berger, ‘12
The Hancock Center nears completion on this chilly day in late-November. The Center has been built on the plot of land where Benoit and Gregory resi-
dence halls once stood. The 57,000-square-foot building will provide much needed academic space and is due to be complete in early 2011.
SEE IT NOW: Changes to the Hancock Center since our March photo!