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Winter 2011
Take a look at some of the blogs that CommArts students
have created and maintained over the past year
CommArts in the blogosphere
The Final Word
Marist Fox Tales
Marist Fox Tales was started by Ryan Rivard, ‘12, Amanda
Benton, ‘11, Marissa DeAngelis, ‘12, and Katie Meena, ‘12. It is
described as “a blog that puts you in the paws of a Red Fox,”
so that anyone can “experience what it’s like to be a student
at Marist through the eyes of the students themselves.”
The Glossy Life
The Glossy Life is a capping project started by Alyssa
Longobucco, ‘11, in which she was able to combine her love of
magazines and writing into one. It is a self described “social
experiment regarding magazines, garnering advice and
inspiration from every month’s issue, and in the end, hopefully
inspiring you a bit on my own.”
Finding Former Foxes
Finding Former Foxes is a capping project started by Zak Lansing,
‘11, Katie Hague, ‘11, and George Morris, ‘11, and is a blog podcast
hybrid that looks to answer the question of where former Marist
athletes are. Included among the interviews at the time of public-
tion were interviews with Julianne Viani, ‘09, Alexandre Schultze,
‘10, and Bobby Marks, ‘95.
Kicking the (Marist) Bucket
Kicking the (Marist) Bucket was a capping project started by Kait
Smith, ‘10, that serves as a self described “travel guide” including
“details on where to eat, where to party, and where to take your
parents on a Sunday afternoon. Oh, and everything else I can come
up with that fts in between.”
Culinary Chronicles of a College Kid
Culinary Chronicles of a College Kid is a delicious blog started by
Julianne Hodges, ‘11, that explores her newfound love of cook-
ing and baking. The blog combines simple cooking recipes with
advice columns that make for a nice alternative to the cafeteria.