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Winter 2011
Art & Art History
Art History and Studio Art
majors have the opportu-
nity to study abroad at The
Venice Biennale, one of the
most prestigious art exposi-
tions, which was founded
in 1895. Students will im-
merse themselves with the
culture of Venice, Italy while
working with artists from
the past and the present,
and working with faculty
for fve days a week for four
weeks. The program is for
concentrations in painting,
drawing, sculpture, digital
photography or cross-
disciplinary and is worth
six credits in art history and
studio art.
study abroad
Marist Art Gallery
Director Ed Smith
has recently dis-
played his work at
his exhibition en-
titled The Labors,
which consisted
of his sculptures
and drawings at
Le Moyne College
in the Wilson
Art Gallery of
the Noreen Reale
Falcone Library.
Smith not only
held the exhibi-
tion but also held
a lecture about
his work on
Friday, Oct. 15,
2010. His exhibi-
tion ran from
Oct, 15, 2010 to
Nov. 12, 2010.
display at
Le Moyne
The Marist Art Department collabo-
rated with the Student Government
Association in holding a silent auction
entitled ON TIME(S) for an Art and Art
History Faculty Exhibition. All the pro-
ceeds will be donated to the SGA to
help the New York Times Readership
Program. The Art faculty and the SGA
continue to make an efort to inform
the student body about world issues
with the readership program by bring-
ing together The New York Times, USA
TODAY and the Poughkeepsie Journal.
The show ran from Sept. 23, 2010, to Oct.
23, 2010.
Art work of faculty include Marist
Gallery Director Ed Smith’s sculpture
Small Leg. Smith’s work has been pre-
sented in the U.S. and abroad, and some
written articles about his work have ap-
peared in The New York Times and along
with other publications. Professor Lois
Walsh featured her painting The Music
Lesson, which represents beauty and
romantic love; professor of art Richard
Lewis featured his work Godzilla; pro-
fessor Matthew Frieburghaus present-
ed Resonate. Frieburghaus’ work has
been featured in locations such as Chile,
Taiwan and Switzerland.