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Winter 2011
A group of professor Marcia
Christ’s Capping and Seminar
students competed in this
year’s National Advertising
Competition. This year’s com-
petition client was State Farm
Insurance. Students were
asked to create a fully execut-
ed, integrated strategic com-
munication program targeted
at independent young adults,
18-25. Marist’s team entered
a 30-page plans book and
20-minute presentation titled
“That Just Happened…A
campaign of outrageously
absurd make you want to
cringe can’t believe that just
happened moments.” The
team was awarded ffth place
the day of the competition.
Ad students
place 5th in
In October, Missy
Alexander and
Keith Strudler
visited Marist’s
Lorenzo de’
Medici campus
in Florence.
Working with
LDM faculty, they
will help expand
Marist’s communi-
cation offerings in
Italy. The profes-
sors toured the
facilities, includ-
ing the computer
labs, met with the
LDM faculty and
discussed future
Happily, there was
also some time
for gelato and
N a t i o n a l l y -
Dr. Linda Aldoory
and nearly 90 other
the annual Marist
Relations Student Society of America
Red Foxes leadership forum to its most
successful year yet. The forum, held Nov.
15 to Nov. 21, featured as senior leaders
Aldoory, an associate professor at the
University of Maryland’s Department
of Communication; and Dr. Geofrey
Brackett, executive vice president at
Marist College. Conducted as a virtual
event on a public blog, the forum at-
tracted 88 visitors from New York and
other states as far away as California.
The theme of the 2010 leadership fo-
rum, “The Gender Gap: A Leadership
Perspective,” stimulated an interactive
discussion among students, faculty, and
administrators about the ways public
relations leaders manage gender dif-
ferences and roles. Opening the forum,
Red Foxes PRSSA President Sabrina Clark
(COM/PR/Spanish, ’11) noted: “The is-
sue of gender is particularly interesting
within the public relations landscape….
Are men in signifcantly higher positions
of power? Does the glass ceiling still ex-
ist? What about the velvet ghetto? How
does work-life balance difer between
genders? What can young professionals
expect for the future? As the workforce
becomes increasingly more diverse, it is
our job as leaders to look at the chang-
ing (or maybe not so changing) dynam-
ics of the public relations feld.”
During the forum, Aldoory described
“a ‘layered’ glass ceiling … layers or
phases of professional status and rank.”
According to Aldoory, “As status and
rank go up and up in prestige and pow-
er … the glass [for women] gets thicker,
harder to break, and perhaps even more
smudged and harder to see through.”
photo by Keith Strudler
photo courtesy of Marcia Christ