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Winter 2012
From April 25 to April 29, the Marist College Community Symphonic Band and
Wind Symphony will be hosting the 2012 Association of Concert Bands National
Convention. The convention is held every year in a different city to promote the com-
munity of concert bands around the country and to allow members to play music
Members of the Association of Concert Bands (ACB) include adult musicians, conduc-
tors, composers, bands and many other people who support musicians in adult con-
cert, community or municipal bands. These members strive for musical excellence
and create opportunities for fellow musicians to play music for their communities.
“The ACB 2012 National Convention is going to be something completely different
for the students who are involved in helping to put it together, or are participating
in it through the Music Department,” said Veronica Graves, ’12, who heads the hospi-
tality committee. “As students, not many people get the opportunity to go to large
national conferences, where they meet a bunch of people who are 20 to 40 or even
50 to 60 years older than them, and get to actually have a worthwhile conversation
about something that everyone has in common there, which in this case, is music.”
Student members of the Marist Music Department have been preparing for the ACB
2012 Convention for over a year. The committees, run almost entirely by students,
will be in charge of hospitality for the many events; transportation between hotels,
Marist and performance spaces; keeping track of finances; registration of attendees;
and publicity and advertising for the event.
“In having this conference, not only will many students get to have this interaction
[with adult musicians], but they will be learning about what it takes to put on such a
large scale meeting, and all the small things that add up to make that one large thing
really great, “ Graves said. “For me, there is no hoping that everything will go well, or
that we get everything done in time. I know we will, and I know that in the end, it will
be spectacular.”
Each night of the convention there will be a concert performed, free of charge, at the
Bardavon opera house in Poughkeepsie.
Music department
to see new space
on campus
After several years of wishing and
planning, the Music Department will
be seeing blueprints this February
for the new music wing that will be
added to the existing Student Center.
The new music wing will face the
Marian Quad, behind the theater, and
the existing music department will
be re-purposed for student activities.
Although operations manager Mike
Napolitano and director of music Art
Himmelberger have only seen pre-
liminary drawings, they do know that
the new facility will house the Band,
Singers and all small ensembles.
“[There will be] definitely some multi-
purpose recital rooms that can double
as large rehearsal space,” Napolitano
said. “So, the band will no longer have
to rehearse in the cafeteria, and the
choir can rehearse in an actual facility
that doesn’t need to split them up.”
Napolitano added that there are no
specifics yet pertaining to furnishings
and ground-breaking dates.
Photos courtesy of Michelle Harrop, ‘12