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Winter 2012
Wall, a native of New York City, has worked at the Media
Center since 1994 when she was the manager of operations.
She was promoted to director in 2002.
Before coming to Marist, Wall worked in New York City at
a continuing legal education institute. They created video and
audio tapes of everything they did and would sell them to law-
yers. She also did some freelance work of her own.
Wall ’s favorite part about working at Marist isn’t the work
that she does, but the people that she works with.
“I always thought I could pretty much do anything,” Wall
said. “But what makes you happy is to work with good people
doing good things. If I had to do those same things with dif-
ferent people, it wouldn’t be as rewarding.”
Wall is excited about Marist’s recent conversion to digital.
Many cameras in the Media Center no longer record to tape
but to an SD card. Also, the Media Center can monitor equip-
ment right from their office. The School of Communication
& the Arts is only about 50 percent of the Media Center’s cus-
tomers. They help the entire campus with technology issues.
“We are still a traditional audio-video department,” Wall said.
“We still scan slides and make them into jpegs.”
But Wall is determined to keep the Media Center more than
just an audio-video department.
“We’ve had to reinvent ourselves,” Wall said. “Because of new
demands, we’ve had to change in order to stay relevant.”
Joey Petrella Wall
is the director of the
Media Center. Her role is to decide which projects the Media
Center takes on and where the budget goes. She also oversees
the work that everyone else in the office does.
“I lead these wonderful people,” Wall said.
News & Notes
Marist’s Media Center has its hands full serving as a technology hub and production center for the
entire campus, but this talented group will never let you see them sweat.
Lisa Hamel
is the initial point of contact for Marist’s
Media Center. As a media assistant, she handles all reserva-
tions for equipment and the studio and dispatches employees
to help when faculty call with equipment problems. She also
maintains the Media Center’s new web checkout system for
equipment and teaches the student workers how to use it.
Before making her way to the Media Center, Hamel, ’08,
was a floating administrative assistant and worked all over
campus. She has worked in the offices of Advancement, Public
Affairs, the Registrar and Student Financial Services, to name
just a few.
“I worked in Student Health Services during flu season
because the secretary had the flu,” Hamel said, laughing. “That
was something!”
Hamel is thrilled to be in the Media Center now, working
with students.
“My favorite
part of the job is
working with the
students,” Hamel
said. “They know
the equipment, and
they teach me. I
love learning from
And with many
things to do, her
job is rarely boring.
“I learn so much
I don’t even realize
I’m working. It’s a
lot of fun.”