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Winter 2012
arist welcomes media arts professor; gaming specialist
aren Schrier
is a sel f-proclaimed
She has worked everywhere from
Nickelodeon to Spark Notes, but it
turns out the job she
real ly wanted was in
the Hudson Val ley.
“I kept tel l ing my
fami ly that is where
I wanted to l ive,”
Schrier said. “I was
excited to f ind a
school in the Hudson
Val ley that had a
games program.”
Schrier is more than
a nerd and a gamer.
She has a Master ’s
from MIT and a
doctorate from Columbia. Whi le
earning her doctorate, she worked as
the director of Interactive Media at
ESI Design, an executive producer
at Scholastic and an onl ine producer
at Nickelodeon. At the same time,
she also worked as
an adjunct professor
at Hunter Col lege
in New York Cit y
and Parsons. Schrier
has co-created many
digital games, such
as “Mission U.S.: For
Crown or Colony?”
for PBS.
Schrier is also the
co-editor of a two-
book series cal led
Ethics and Game
Design: Teaching
Values through Play.
The series also
led her to her husband who wrote to
her about the book when he was doing
simi lar research.
“My nerdiness somehow landed me a
husband,” Schrier said, jokingly.
Schrier married her husband in sum-
mer 2011. They enjoy col laborating
on work and doing research together.
But their current task is f iguring out
how to l ive in a house versus a tiny
New York Cit y apartment.
Schrier enjoys the simple things l ike
movies, real it y television, and French
fries but she also enjoys exploring the
Hudson Val ley. And her new job at
Marist couldn’t be better for it.
“I had this feel ing l ike I’ve been
here before, that this is home,”
Schrier said. “I had gone to so many
other inter views and I didn’t feel it
Van Dyke spends academic year at army college
ark Van Dyke
is a visiting profes-
sor of strategic communication at
the U.S. Army War College in Carlisle,
Penn., for the 2011-2012 school year.
During his year at the war college, Van
Dyke, associate professor of communica-
tion, will work with faculty and staff in
advancing understanding of how senior
leaders can use information and strategic
communication when managing national
security issues.
“We are very excited to have Dr. Van
Dyke join us,” said Dennis Murphy,
APR-M, professor of Information
Operations and Information in Warfare.
“His unique blend of achievements in
higher education and former military
experience will help us prepare strategic
leaders and promote our understand-
ing of how to apply information as an
element of national power, both in peace
and war.”
Van Dyke will participate in the Army
War College’s Strategic Communication
Council, an informal board of world-
class communication professionals led
by Harold Burson, founder and chair-
man of Burson-Marsteller. The council
provides innovative counsel on strategic
communication to the War College’s
commandant and other senior leaders.
The council was established by Frank
Kalupa of James Madison University,
who served as the first visiting professor
in strategic communication.
Van Dyke is a retired U.S. Navy cap-
tain. He graduated from the U.S. Naval
Academy in 1975 and served for more
than 25 years as a surface warfare officer
and special duty public affairs officer.
Van Dyke participated in combat opera-
tions in the Persian Gulf in 1988 and
served as chief of public information for
NATO’s 60,000-member international
peace implementation force in Bosnia-
Herzegovina from 1995 to 1996. He
retired in 2000 as the Department of the
Navy’s deputy chief of public informa-
tion at the Pentagon in Washington,
Van Dyke is only the second fac-
ulty member to serve as the visiting
professor of strategic communica-
tion, which is filled after a national
search administered through the U.S.
Intergovernmental Personnel Act
Mobility Program.
After completing his full year at the
war college, Van Dyke will return to his
position at Marist in fall 2012.
Photo courtesy of Mark Van Dyke