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Winter 2012
Student Achievements
eith Strudler was
not impressed.
The four Marist
College sports
communication students that
he brought to participate in a
case study competition held
by the University of North
Carolina at Chapel Hill were
struggling to successfully
rehearse their presentation
less than an hour before their
scheduled timeslot.
“I thought, ‘Wow, we
are going to get crushed,’”
Strudler said. “Everyone was
tired and they had seen it too
much. In the hotel room, we
kind of bottomed out. They
just needed to walk away
from it for an hour or so and
Just like in the unpredict-
able world of sports that they
study, the opposite of the
expected happened.
After presenting on the
evening of Tuesday, April
19, Brittney Garofolo, ’12,
Luke Teitelbaum, ’12, Jim
Urso, ’11, and Kaiti Decker,
’11, were named the winning
group of the undergraduate
case study competition the
following morning.
“We did not sleep and we
wanted to pull our hair out,”
Decker said. “But it was all
totally worth it. I have never
been more proud of anything
that I have accomplished
academically and I’m sure
that everyone else would
Marist defeated 13 groups
from colleges and universi-
ties around the country,
including Ithaca, Arkansas
and Georgia Southern.
All other schools that
participated in the compe-
tition featured either sports
administration or sports
management curriculums
—Marist was the only
school with a sports com-
munication program that
focuses on sports culture
and media.
“A lot of these other
schools are business ori-
ented and they have some
administrative knowledge,”
Urso said. “Since we are
four communications stu-
dents, we thought that our
writing ability was a little
more of an advantage.”
The same four Marist
students participated in the
event in 2010, although
that effort did not yield a
finish in the top two recog-
nized schools.
“We were very up-an-
down our first time partici-
pating,” Strudler said. “We
didn’t know how to play
the game. We didn’t dress
right. Our PowerPoints
weren’t polished enough.”
Improved cohesion among
the group members, includ-
ing dividing the assign-
ments and research allowed
the four students to get a
jump-start on preparing for
Sports communication students
win case study competition
Strudler worked
with the students
for six weeks to
prepare for the
intense case study
competition. The
written case study
focused on inter-
collegiate athlet-
ics, and was sub-
mitted two weeks
in advance of the
Photo courtesy of Keith Strudler