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Winter 2012
Senior Alexis
Murphy wins
PRSSA award
Public relations student
Alexis Murphy, ’12, re-
cently earned the annual
Public Relations Student
Society of America
award, a nationwide hon-
or given to only a hand-
ful of students across the
United States.
The National Gold Key
recognizes exceptional
public relations students
who have excelled in
their studies, have pur-
sued professional intern-
ships and are leaders in
their PRSSA chapter.
“This award means so
much to me,” Murphy
said. “I am honored that
my work for PRSSA is be-
ing recognized and I am
thankful to all my com-
munications professors
for their constant advice
and guidance, without
which I would not have
been able to achieve this
Murphy has managed an
online forum for PRSSA
that was featured on its
national website. She is
also a contributing writer
USA Today College
the competition.
“We studied a lot harder
and we started a little earlier
than last year,” Teitelbaum
said. “We tried to focus more
on the presentation this year.
Last year, we kind of threw it
UNC’s College Sports
Research Institute (CSRI),
which supports independent
data collection and analysis
related to college-sport is-
sues, assigned the case study
in two phases.
The first part was a 1,000-
word written case study
analyzing whether or not
the athletic departments
of Elon University and the
University of North Carolina
at Greensboro made the
correct decision by moving
to Division I athletics in the
Second, the group gave
a 10-minute presentation
on whether the University
of North Alabama (UNA)
should maintain its
Division-II status or seek
Marist submitted its writ-
ten case study via email to
the judges a week before
traveling to North Carolina.
A panel of judges observed
the student presentations,
which were 10-minutes long
with an additional five-
minute question-and-answer
In its presentation, the
Marist students recom-
mended that UNA remain in
Division II in order to avoid
budgetary concerns and also
to better support academics
on campus.
“The question-and-answer
session may have ended up
winning the competition for
us,” Decker said. “The judges
didn’t have any questions for
us so we knew that we were
very thorough.”
In addition to presenting
their case study and listen-
ing to panel discussions,
the group also attended a
Durham Bulls game before
flying back to New York on
Friday evening.
“The panels had sports
agents, journalists, ex-ath-
letes and athletics directors,”
Urso said. “They were all
talking about current issues
in sports.”
Strudler, who chairs
the Communication
Department and also
founded the College’s Sports
Communication Program,
stumbled upon the case study
competition while presenting
a paper at UNC in 2009.
“I met some kids who were
doing this case study thing,
and I thought that it would
be really cool,” Strudler said.
“That launched the idea of
finding some seniors and
juniors ready to roll.”
Strudler plans to continue
to bring a group of excep-
tional undergraduate sports
communication students to
participate in the event in
years to come.
“This and any other aca-
demic competition like this
where we can have students
competing and networking
is really good,” Strudler said.
“The school has been really
good about funding this type
of stuff. I wish there were
competitions like this in
journalism and broadcasting.”
Currently, no plans are in
place for Marist College to
host a case study competition
of its own.
“Perhaps there might be
a time in the future where
we could do something
like this with a journal-
ism group or a broadcast-
ing group,” Strudler said.
“Maybe there are ways to
create student competition
in different areas in sports
Ithaca College, last year’s
winner, finished in sec-
ond place. Loras College
and Georgia Southern
University tied for third
“Other schools are sort of
looking at us as a model of
how to do this,” Strudler
said. “I think we are pretty
well known in the sports
communication world.
We are producing a lot of
students who go out and get
jobs. People at ESPN, they
know Marist.”
Marist has already formed
a team to defend its title at
this year’s competition held
in late April at UNC. Two
of the four team members,
Garofolo and Teitlbaum,
return from last year’s
squad. Sports communica-
tion major Sarah Cordeiro,
’14, and sports communica-
tion minor Patrick Dillon,
’12, complete the squad
as first-year competitors.
This year’s case, released in
early February, asks teams
to evaluate the revenues
and expenditures of college
athletic departments over
the past decade and to make
recommendations for future
success and solvency.
If Marist does defend its
title, it would be the first
repeat champion in the
four-year history of the