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Winter 2012
Capping project similar to ESPN’s ‘College Game
Communication students pull together with an innovative and complex
capstone project to place focus on Marist football
Marist Football Network shooting in the studio.
f you took a straw poll,
chances are that eight out of 10
seniors would tell you they fear and possibly dread the
capping experience. But for some, the course is looked at
as an opportunity for something exciting.
Five communication students, Matt Sutor, Phil Terrigno,
Amanda Mastroberti, Rachael Blair and Mike Quinn, all
class of ’12, used what they learned from the past four years
to produce the Marist Football Network, a website providing
coverage of the Red Foxes 2011 season through several forms
of media.
MFN uses tools like video content presented through
YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and game recaps to present mate-
rial. All of these tools are combined and displayed on their
Since launching on Sept. 21, MFN has had over 600 unique
visitors to their site, over 2,000 views to their YouTube channel
and has 285 followers on Twitter. The students in this project
do not see these as sufficient numbers.
“We never settle with anything,” Sutor said. “We are con-
stantly trying to make the project better and keep producing
content to make sure we never become complacent as a group.”
Once MFN established their website and how they wanted
to broadcast their information they worked on innovative ways
to make their content more interesting. One week they had
a reporter from the opposing team Skype into their in-studio
“We contacted a reporter from the Des Moines Register,
Tommy Birch, and he Skyped into our show to talk about
our game against Drake and the other teams in the Pioneer
Football League,” Mastroberti said.
MFN’s in-studio shoots were released on the Thursdays be-
fore the Red Foxes play on Saturday. The production included
interviews with coaches and players, and analysis of the game
that took place that weekend.
“The Tuesday interviews were my favorite part of the project,”
Terrigno said. “The studio show had its perks, but being able to
speak with coaches and players in a sit-down setting provided
an ideal opportunity to pick their brains.”
MFN also provided a live in-stadium show that had analysis
for fans walking into the stadium and wanting to know about
the game that was about to begin. At the same time, MFN
distributed promotional items to attract fans to their website.
Capping projects generally are scheduled to begin during the
first week of the semester in which the student is enrolled in
the course. However, this group began planning much fur-
ther ahead. The idea for this project began in April of 2011,
four months before the semester started. The students began
by contacting their capping professor, Lyn Lepre, and Marist
photos courtesy of Marist Football Network
Matt Sutor and Phil Terrigno on the field with Shooter.
Student Achievements