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Winter 2012
Athletics to see if a project of this size was feasible. They got
the approval and got to work.
“I had high expectations for the project from the outset,”
Terrigno said. “I knew that with a group of dedicated and
talented students, we would be able to achieve anything that
we set out to do. It was a big undertaking from the start but I
knew that we were committed.”
MFN has impressed many members of the Marist
“It’s awfully ambitious,” Mike Ferraro, sports information
director at Marist College, said. “I can’t honestly say that I
recall anybody doing something like that before.”
MFN worked very closely with Marist Athletics. Marist
Athletics organized interviews for the in-studio show as well
as provided MFN with equipment to put on their in-stadium
show that began one hour before every home game.
“The reviews I have heard have been positive in the sense
that it’s a genuine interest, it’s a general knowledge of subject
matter and they aren’t going into this blindly,” said Ferraro.
Ferraro said that he has always been hesitant when working
with student group projects because he has experienced organi-
zation issues in the past.
“I think a potential problem that could arise is a lack of
planning,” Ferraro said. “But that isn’t an issue because I think
everything was thought out well and planned out well. I saw
who comprised the group and just from my experiences with
dealing with all of them, I thought that when they put their
talents together that they would produce a good product.”
Lepre agreed.
“I was impressed when Phil came to see me the semester
before, and he and the team had already put together a well-
thought out proposal,” she said. “I could also appreciate that
they each brought special skills to this project, from on-air
poise to writing skills. The group had a great mix of talent.”
The students noted that keeping focus wasn’t always easy.
“You really just have to prioritize,” Mastroberti said. “There
weren’t any days off this semester. Midterms week was very
tough, but a few days of being overtired have been well worth
the feedback we’ve had so far.”
The members of MFN are hoping that the hard work now
will be rewarding in the future.
“This is a project where we can show employers what we
created basically from scratch, and how it grew into the success
that it is,” Sutor said. “This is a unique project and not many
students have the opportunity to put together a production like
we are, so that separates us from the ‘ordinary’ communication
Mastroberti is passionate about MFN for how it sets these
five students apart.
“Some people can say, ‘I’ve worked with the campus televi-
sion station.’ Or, ‘I had an internship at XY and Z,’ but how
many can say they have created a network?” Mastroberti said.
The students in MFN explained that this project has shown
them that they are headed to careers where they will look for-
ward to waking up every day and going to work.
“To this point, this has been one of the most enjoyable and
fulfilling experiences I have had in an academic setting,” Sutor
said. “Amanda said it best during our first in-studio shoot, ‘You
know you’re in the right major when capping is fun.”
From left: Mike Quinn, Phil Terrigno, Amanda Mastroberti, Matt Sutor and
Rachael Blair
Senior quarterback Tommy Reilly’s grandfather joins Matt Sutor and Phil
Terrigno during the live broadcast of MFN.
MFN broadcasting live before a home game during the fall semester.