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Winter 2012
Internship Roundup
his summer I interned with VH1 Digital
in New
York City. I helped put together content for the VH1
website. This included full episodes, highlights, best
moments of the season, bonus clips,
themed reels/playlists and sneak
During the first two weeks of my
internship, I was required to become
familiar with VH1’s current television
programming—Single Ladies, Mob
Wives, Celebrity Rehab with Dr.
Drew, Basketball Wives and Famous
Food. After watching a few episodes
of each show, I learned how to use the
program UMA, the program used to put together the content
that can be found on VH1’s website. Once I learned how to use
UMA, I began building content on my own. I mainly worked
on piecing together the content of full episodes, bonus clips and
episode highlights. When a show concluded its season, I had to
search through each clip of “Best Moments of Episode X” and
compile a playlist. I would build the content from selected clips
so that it could be viewed on the website.
One task that I completed each day was finding content
to post on the Facebook page for Celebrity Rehab with Dr.
Drew and Single Ladies. Using Google Alerts, I searched for
any content related to either of these two shows. I then found
the best two or three results and would post them onto the
Facebook page for that particular
show. Another task I had was review-
ing viewer’s comments on content
uploaded to Facebook. I then had
to select the ten best comments that
represented the viewer’s opinions on
the show and Facebook content.
Finally, I was given the task of
pulling episode highlights from a
show that has yet to air. For example,
I would watch the tape of Celebrity
Rehab with Dr. Drew, Episode 507. I watched the episode be-
fore it aired that upcoming Sunday. I watched the episode in its
entirety and then pulled five to six moments that represented
the best moments of the show.
Although Viacom/MTV Networks/VH1 is a large corpora-
tion, I was not performing menial tasks such as making copies
or going on coffee runs. I was learning valuable skills and
programs while eventually seeing my work come to life on the
VH1 website. As an intern, I took pride in my work and felt
valuable to my department and the company as a whole.
Photo courtesy of Katie Meena, ‘12
Radio/TV/Film major rocks out with VH1
London calls fashion major to Burberry
may be short on cash now, but it was all worth it.
It is an
understatement to say that I enjoyed being abroad; it is
truly a time I would never take back or do any differently.
Living in another country was such a lesson for my life, and it
is without a doubt in part to my time spent working for one of
the top British luxury brands while in London. I have gained
priceless experience and acquired indispensable knowledge
interning in the UK.
My work tasks included the everyday necessities to help out
such as printing, copying and scanning documents; I certainly
did not mind, but my coworkers still felt the need to assure
me that the tasks I was doing were ones that they themselves
would have to do if I weren’t there so I was being very helpful.
Most of the copying and scanning was of swatches of fabrics
that needed to be documented representing buyer’s selections
for ties or other dress furnishings. I was able to help move
merchandise around in the showroom as they brought in the
new product for the upcoming market meetings during my
time there and on occasion, get an inside look by sitting in
on a buyer meetings. One of the long-standing projects the
interns had to do was create a presentation for Eugenia, the
president of the Americas for Burberry, and Jan, the COO of
the Americas. All of the interns had to break up the presen-
tation to discuss and put it together. It was a phenomenal
opportunity to present to these women, as they are an integral
part of the company.
One of the things I liked most about the internship was
the open atmosphere. I met so many people and made great
connections. The fact that there was actually a program at
Burberry to ensure the interns got everything they could out of
the experience was amaz-
ing. The program added
to the networking oppor-
tunity and helped us grow.
Burberry really cared about
their team and it is a place I
would like to become a part
of in the future.
Photo courtesy of Rachel Sweeney, ‘12