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Winter 2012
sk around the Marist College campus how to track down
Dr. Keith Strudler and you’ll get these clues:
He’s the slim guy in a baseball cap and black and white
Converse sneakers. He sports a stride that can only be de-
scribed as highly energetic for someone just over 40.
He talks casually about his latest triathlon victory and can debate the
merits of any sport on earth—even hotdog eating contests.
He is proud to talk about Marist’s first-place finishes at a national col-
legiate sports research conference and in an NCAA Division I competi-
tion to build game attendance.
At any moment, he may dash off to class or to record his weekly sports
commentary on WAMC, Northeast Public Radio.
And when you find that combo of youthful enthusiast, highly competi-
tive athlete, hands-on media hound as well as sports academic, you’ll
know you have found Strudler—the driving force behind the new Center
for Sports Communication, and an associate professor in the School of
Communication & the Arts.
by Kathleen Norton