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Winter 2012
Colleen McCulloch
is the Vice President of
KRC Research.
Debra Tannacore Garcia
(1999) was married in
August 2011.
Heather Pearson Dolan
(1999) got married in June
Jennifer Tabano Halstead
(1999) is a Teacher at
Noxon Road Elementary
Megan St. John
(1999) is
a school counselor with
Wake County Schools.
Cassandra Giarrusso
(2000) got mar-
ried in May 2011.
Christopher Bythewood
(2000) got married in June
Heather “Gita” Swee-
ney McCutcheon
is President of the Gita
Jennifer Ferris Azzariti
(2000) is a regular contrib-
utor to Eco 18.
Lauren Tejeda Spector
(2000) was promoted to
Director of Legal and
Business Affairs at Zodiak
Caroline Nashmy Fratrik
(2001) is a Senior Recruit-
ment Manager for On-
ward Search.
Christopher Blasie
is an Account Manager at
AirServ Corporation.
Christy Barr Yaccarino
(2001) is the Director for
Benefits & Wellness
at Ambrose Employer
Jessica Spaman Pattberg
(2001) is pregnant with her
first child.
Julie Rubinstein
(2001) is
a web video producer for
the Big Ten Network.
Katherine Willhoit Turner
(2001) is a campaign coor-
dinator at The Leukemia
& Lymphoma Society.
Timothy Sorensen
was named English De-
partment Chairperson at
Middlesex Middle School.
Amanda Grieco
(2002) is
an Account Supervisor at
Douglas Guarino
is an Associate Editor at
Inside Washington Pub-
Gary Albaugh
(2002) is a
supervisor and IT special-
ist for the United States
Jonelle Formato Santo
(2002) is a Teacher in the
Newburgh Enlarged City
School District.
Lori Yelenovic Lynch
(2002) gave birth to her
first child, Jillian, in July
Shana Sandroff
was promoted to Product
Marketing Specialist at
Hudson Valley FCU.
Brian Stuch
(2003) was re-
cently promoted to Editor-
in-Chief of St. Joseph’s
College Magazine.
Katherine Slauta Desiere
(2003) is the Director of
Education at the Fashion
Institute of Design and
Kathryn Reilly
(2003) is
the Exchange & Study
Abroad Coordinator at
Australian Catholic Uni-
Matthew Pennacchio
(2003) is the Vice President
of Ruder Finn Public Rela-
Rebecca Moy
(2003) in an
English Instructor at AZPE
Informatica in Madrid,
Scott Lucente
(2003) was
recently promoted to
Senior Project Manager for
Web Marketing at The Cu-
linary Institute of America.
Tara Kuboski Vest
is the Senior Business
Development Manager at
Springer Healthcare.
Andrew Kayiira
(2004) is
the Assistant Director of
Trading Infrastructure at
The International Swaps &
Derivatives Association.
Cara Longobardi
(2004) is
the Marketing & Commu-
nications Manager at the
New York Library Asso-
Christopher Marchand
(2004) is a freelance
producer at Powderhouse
Elizabeth Swenton
is the Director of Opera-
tions at March Communi-
John Saginario
welcomed his first son in
January 2011.
Michelle Cappelli Mar-
(2004) is a Devel-
opment Associate at The
Storm King School.
Paul Miller
(2004) wel-
comed his first child in
January 2011.
Caitlin Donahue
started her own general
practice law firm, The Law
Office of Caitlin Donahue.
Krystal Zalak
(2005) is a
Special Events Manager
at the American Heart As-
Laura Morgan Lee
is a stay-at-home mother.
Rebecca Faucher Mc-
(2005) is the Assis-
tant to Division Heads of
the Registrar at The Foote
Rachael Fantauzzi Moin
(2005) is a Media Plan-
ning Supervisor at Zenith