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Winter 2012
Chris Steber (’11)
graduated from Marist with a concentration in Radio, TV, Film. His cap-
ping video, “The Wappinger Greenway Trail: A Hidden Treasure” has appeared on public access television.
What has your first year out of college been like? What have you been up to?
I have been working a few part-time jobs. Mainly, I’ve been a video editor at the Franklin D. Roosevelt
Presidential Library and Museum, specifically for their Pare Lorentz Film Center. I collaborate with the
Library’s Education Specialist to create short videos for educational use. Since the film center recently
got its grant renewed, my supervisor and I are looking forward to working on some new projects and
making the center stronger than ever.
Your capping project, “The Wappinger Greenway Trail: A Hidden Treasure” has been featured in local
communities. What is it and how did you get it out there?
The video was created to promote the Wappinger Greenway Trail, a network of trails around Wappingers
Falls. After the project was completed, it was put on YouTube. The video was passed along to the municipali-
ties that the trail goes through so that they could put it on their websites. The DVD is available to check out
from Grinnell Library in Wappingers Falls. Luckily, the Greenway Trail Committee knows the right people
in local government to get in touch with, so the video is being distributed pretty well.
What gave you the idea for your project?
The Greenway Trail Committee wanted a video to be created so that people could learn more about the trail,
as well as be inspired to go out and hike the trail. As I spoke with them, one of the ideas that kept popping
up was that the trail contains “hidden treasure” spots that one may easily pass by while getting caught up in
the hectic pace of everyday life. We decided to make a narrative video that told the story of a stressed-out
young man who, after pulling over from the highway, discovers the Greenway Trail with the help of a myste-
rious explorer character. I need to give credit to two people who were a huge help to me on this project. One
is my capping partner, Zachary Stumpf, who did a lot of the behind-the-scenes work. Another is committee
member Wilfredo Chaluisant, who offered his services to us simply out of love for the Wappinger Greenway
Trail. Without them, this project would not have turned out as it did, and I am so grateful for their help.
What are your plans for the next few years?
I’ll be continuing to look for a full-time job
and/or applying for a grad school program.
It is hard to say for certain what I’ll be do-
ing because I have a wide range of interests:
writing, video production, voice acting, and
community outreach, to name a few. After
making the project for the Greenway Trail,
I’ve realized how strongly I believe we need
to instill in our youth a sense of pride in
their communities and teach them that they
don’t need to go far away to find some truly
remarkable hidden treasures. So I guess if
I want to do that, my best bet would be to
either become a teacher or work for PBS!
Producer for’s
Christine Olver
(2006) is
an Account Executive at
Elizabeth Wunder
is engaged to fellow alum
is a Writer/Producer at
MTV Networks.
Bryan Van Steenbergen
(2006) is a communica-
tions specialist for Watson
Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Caitlyn Driscoll
was recently promoted to
Sandra Proulx Rand
founded Open Net Media,
Alec Troxell
(2006) is a
Presentations Manager at
Amanda Giordano
Kevin Connors, ’06.
Kathryn Godfrey
was promoted to Study
Abroad Advisor at Rama-
po College of New Jersey.
Kara Dominick
(2006) is a
news producer at WWLP
TV-22 News.
Kellie Cunningham
(2006) got married
in October 2011.
Laura Dempsey
(2006) is
serving as the Vice Presi-
dent of Membership for
the New York City Alum-
nae Association of Kappa
Kappa Gamma.
Meagan Donoghue
is a Regional Admission
Representative at the Sa-
vannah College of Art and
Carla Bissi
(2007) is a
personal trainer at Fitness
Dorothea Larrabee
is a Senior Editor at Pop-
star! Magazine.
Douglas Ward
(2007) got
married in September
Juliette Caruso
(2007) was
promoted to Executive
Assistant at The Madison
Square Garden Company.
Meaghan Calnan
is a Marketing Specialist
at Georgetown Business
Improvement District.
Screenshot of “The Wappinger Greenway Trail: A Hidden Treasure”