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Winter 2012
The Last Word
What is the most valuable skill you learned
during your four years at Marist?
” “
I learned how to tailor my style of writing;
writing for
The Circle
vs. a blog vs.
nonfiction workshop.
—Monica Speranza, ‘12
” “
Everything I learned in Digital Production I and II.
They are the most useful media arts classes offered.
—Brittany Tommasone, ‘12
“ ”
My classes have taught me real world applications
of what I have learned that have helped me earn
positions in the world of media.
—Matt Sutor, ‘12
” “
The most valuable thing I have learned is how to
network with people at Marist and with
people in my desired industry.
—Leanna Brittis, ‘12
” “
The ability to research and critically
analyze a given topic and apply it to my
field of interest.
—Michelle Carpenter, ‘12