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Winter 2012
Art & Art History
The Art Department held
a day-long student art fair
in Marist’s Student Center
Cabaret that showcased the
work of 13 Marist student
artists. Other students were
able to buy the work at the
event for affordable prices.
More than 40 works of art
including oil paintings, etch-
ings and digital prints were
featured at the fair. The event
was such a success that the
Art Department hopes to do
it again in the future.
The Steel Plant
Studios opened
their 2011-2012
exhibition season
with a special event
called Rendering
Reality, featur-
ing artwork of
current Art and
Art History fac-
ulty. New York Art
dealer Lesley Heller
was invited to help
art gallery director
Ed Smith in the
curating duties. “It
is a rare opportu-
nity to be seen by
a New York art
dealer,” Smith said.
Leaders of Creativity
Leaders of Creativity: A Conversation
with 4 Artists was held on Oct. 4 and
was hosted by the Art Department.
Presented in the newly opened
Hancock Center, the event was held to
encourage dialogue between students
looking to emerge into the art world
and those who have successfully navi-
gated it thus far.
“We wanted to bring in artists who
have had great success and have them
talk to students about the development
of a young artist,” said Ed Smith, profes-
sor and the Steel Plant gallery director.
The four artists, Emily Berger, James
O. Clark, Susanna Coffey and Glenn
Goldberg are among the art world
elite with collections featured around
the world, in places such as The
Metropolitan Museum of Art and the
National Gallery of Art.
A second conversation was held in
December, with artist William Tucker.
Tucker, a sculptor, has been featured
in “every major museum in the world,”
said Smith.
Both sessions were so popular they
became standing room only.
“The events were really helpful,” Smith
said. “Not only did they augment the
students’ education, but they also
helped to segue them into graduation
and life after.”
Smith and the Art Department hope
to bring more of these types of events
to campus. Smith said that not only are
they helpful to the students but they
have left a huge impression on the
speakers as to what Marist students can
do. “We’re trying to bring some of the
greats to see our greats.”
Photos courtesy of Ed Smith
Painting by Jaimie Little, ‘11; “Flamingo”
From left: Emily Berger,
untitled; Susanna Coffey,
56; James O. Clark,
Orestes; William Tucker,