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Winter 2012
Over the past year, the Marist campus has undergone some major
changes. Between the addition of the Hancock Center, the under-
pass tunneling under Route 9 and the main entrance changes, the
smaller renovations of the Steel Plant are much less known around
Inside, there is now an additional wall to provide students with more
space for their work. The exterior had a few more changes, where to
accommodate the new underpass, additional parking was added to
the area. Landscaping was the finishing touch on the job as accord-
ing to Ed Smith, art professor and Steel Plant gallery director, “the
landscaping really helps unite the whole campus.”
Steel Plant receives renovations
Student work
displayed at
Kingston gallery
Marist’s art students were given the opportuni-
ty to showcase some of their work at The Arts
Society of Kingston (ASK) in Kingston, N.Y.
Seventeen current and former students partici-
pated in the juried exhibition.
“It’s great because their work is out in the real
world, not just the protective cocoon of Marist,”
said professor of art Ed Smith.
Marist alum Richard E. Jefferson, ’08, registrar
at D.Wigmore Fine Art in New York City, jur-
ied the exhibition. It featured a variety of media
including painting, sculpture, photography and
digital painting.
“The selections here represent some of the best of
Marist College’s art students,” Jefferson said in a
statement on the ASK website. “They reflect the
shape of our nation’s artistic future which, like
our past, embodies the pioneer spirit of explora-
tion in creation and expression.”
Barbies by Amanda Aletchko
Photo courtesy of ASK