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Winter 2014
What was your favorite class at Marist?
Fashion Figure Drawing, I enjoyed this
class as it was a relaxed environment
whereas most of my other courses were
very intense and high stress. It focused on
drawing techniques for a live model wear-
ing different fabrics and garments from
week to week. We were able to hone in on
our sketching of the human figure.
What are your goals and plans for after
I am currently applying for
a Fulbright scholarship to travel to India
to do a case study with artisans and study
different textile crafts and craft revival.
In addition, I will concentrate on how
these can be incorporated back into the
fashion industry in a positive way. My
other goal is to start a career within a
company that concentrates and has a
true passion for sustainable fashion along
with an established mission for corporate
social responsibility. My ideal company
to work for would actually be a Hudson
Valley company called Eileen Fisher, who
had a priority in environmental sustain-
ability before the topic really came to the
forefront in society.
How did your club involvement experi-
ence benefit you as a Fashion student and
future leader?
It provided me with a bal-
ance between my academic studies and al-
lowed me to pursue other areas that were
important to me as a student. Through my
club involvement I have been able to be
a leader outside the classroom and learn
from others outside my academic major.
At what internship(s) do you believe you
gained the most experience?
Carrie Parry. It is a much smaller com-
pany and I was given
more responsibil-
ity, more hands-on
experience and the
company was aligned with social respon-
sibility which is ultimately the area of
fashion design that I would like to pursue.
Therefore, I was able to experience first-
hand a company that values sustainability
and social responsibility and bases its
work on maintaining that mission, which
remains my biggest focus.
What will you miss most about Marist?
The campus and community feel. I had
the opportunity to have great relation-
ships with my professors and experience
Marist’s tight knit community.
Has Marist prepared you for the real
Yes. Marist offers a lot of oppor-
tunities to grow and I was able to take
advantage of a lot of these on campus
such as club involvement, leadership roles
and strong academic schedules along with
internships during the summer and Marist
in Manhattan. It has been a very well-
rounded experience.
What was the best “real world” lesson or
advice you learned while at Marist?
experience at Marist has really taught me
not to take anything at face value and to
keep my options open at all times. When I
first entered college I was naïve, and never
imagined that I would experience the
things that I have in all the different areas
such as the Honors Program Advisory
Board, which is very different from my
fashion design coursework. Marist helped
me gain these experiences and will help
me carry this new perspective .
Dana Liu has a specific focus of pursuing a career in sustainable
fashion. Serving as president of the Honors Student Advisory
Board, participating in Marist in Manhattan and various other
clubs and internships, Dana has had a the well-rounded ex-
perience that she hopes to continue in 2014 with a Fulbright
Scholarship to study textile crafts and craft revival in India.
Five minutes with
Dana Liu
Class of 2014, Fashion Design major
photo by Nicole Maziarz
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