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Winter 2014
Favorite Class Taken at Marist:
It would
definitely have to be my Production I
class. Our class bonded so well since we
were mostly freshman and underclass-
men.We learned to work as a team in each
other’s first production/media class, so
we were all learning together. One of my
favorite memories of my entire time here
at Marist happened during this class when
we were taking our final exam. As I fin-
ished my exam and went back to grab my
bag, about three of my other classmates
stopped taking their final, got up to hug
and say goodbye and told me how great a
class it had been over the semester. This is
a testament of the great people at Marist
and how amazing our community is, this
memory has definitely stuck with me for
my four years here.
Club Involvement:
News director for
MCTV, Music Director of Radio Station
(WMAR), 20-30 hours per week for
MCTV, 5-7 hours per week for the radio
What made you decide on your selected
It was an accident actually. I ini-
tially wanted to be a broadcast journalist
but for some reason I didn’t realize Marist
had a concentration in Journalism. So I
applied and entered into my first year with
a concentration in radio/tv/film. Once I
found out there was a journalism concen-
tration, instead of dropping radio/tv/film
I just added a 2nd concentration because
I really enjoyed the production side of
broadcast. This accident completely trans-
formed everything I wanted to do as a ca-
reer, I thought I wanted to be in front of
the camera but now I want to be behind
the scenes running the whole show.
What are your goals
and plans for after
currently in the ap-
plication process for the Directors Guild
of America, Assistant Director Training
Program. This program is a two-year
commitment with over 350 days of on-
the-job training and is highly intensive
however; if you get into this program
you are basically guaranteed a job in the
industry. They receive over 1,000 applica-
tions but only 5-10 people get chosen. In
addition the interview process is quite
rigorous and really is aiming to pick the
very best to make sure that the people
chosen can make it through the demand-
ing hours and work under the pressure of
the industry. I will find out in May 2014 if
I am chosen.
What was the best “real world” lesson
or advice you learned while at Marist?
Professor Jeff Bass taught me the basis of
what I know and showed me that I was
good at it which made me really want to
keep pursuing it. One of Professor Bass’s
most common mantras is “Do the best
you can with what you have.” It is obvi-
ously in reference to production, if you
don’t have a certain piece of equipment or
certain actor that you wanted. However,
it may sound corny but I’ve taken those
words and applied it to everyday life, I
take advantage of every opportunity here
at Marist and take in as much knowledge
as I can to go as far as I can in my career
with the tools that I have been given.
Ali Read has been a leader throughout her four years at
Marist through her extensive work at MCTV, Marist College’s
TV station and WMAR, Marist College’s Radio Station along
with impressing faculty and fellow classmates within the
classroom. She is even able to fit in part-time positions with
Marist’s Media Center and the FDR Library & Museum as their
Head Editor & Content Creator.
Five minutes with
Ali Read
Class of 2014, Communication major, Radio,TV, Film concentration
photo by Nicole Maziarz
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