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Winter 2014
Favorite Class Taken at Marist:
Presentations in my freshman year, this
class really challenged me to become a
better public speaker. It also helped me on
stage as a leader in my club involvement
with Marist Singers, Sirens and Choir.
What were/are your most beneficial
experiences as a student in the School
of Communications and the Arts?
coursework that the Communications
department offers is really helpful along
with all the faculty members being really
supportive and always pushing students
to challenge themselves. As far as Music
department, I’ve met some of my very
best friends in my classes and singing
groups. I never dreaded going to a music
class. I loved being a part of the program
and in terms of Singers, it has made me
grow as a person, as a student and as a
future professional. The leadership skills
I’ve gained from these experiences have
been not only valuable but enjoyable and
fun throughout the process.
At what internship(s) do you believe you
gained the most experience?
I interned at
Elvis Duran and the Z100 Morning show
in NYC as a PR intern. I learned great real
world experience about the radio industry
and lessons that I would not have been
able to get from a classroom. I was able to
interact with the radio employees, musical
guests and work as a team with the other
PR interns to complete the press releases
and reach out to other media outlets.
How has your club involvement ben-
efited you as a student and future leader?
Being involved in so many of the singing
groups on campus has not only helped me
complete my minor
but has allowed me
to gain extensive
knowledge about
music and has really helped my leader-
ship skills. My club involvement has also
helped my public relations studies as
being a part of the Sirens, we have a lot of
experience at all different types of events
that represent the college and the music
department. Whether it be for Marist’s
Board of Trustees or prospective students
and parents, we have to represent the col-
lege as not only students but as a market-
ing piece for the college.
What will you miss most about Marist?
There are two things: first, the campus
is absolutely beautiful especially with the
new renovations. It is stunning. I wish I
was staying for another four years! The
second thing I will miss most about
Marist is the clubs that I have been
involved in. I love being able to sing four
days a week and meeting all the great
people that I have, it’s going to be tough
not being able to do that once I graduate.
What was the best lesson or advice you
learned while at Marist?
I missed an on-
line quiz to go home for the first semester
break my freshman year. I was so upset
about it and I contacted the professor
about it but I ended up getting a zero on
that quiz. This was the first time that
had ever happened to me where I had
forgotten to do something for school. I
definitely learned from that experience
though, and will never forget it, from that
day on I read every single syllabus and
never missed another deadline.
Ashley Morris is studying public relations while also earn-
ing a and vocal music minor. Serving as a leader in the Music
Department, Morris has been a great asset to the School of
Communication and the Arts as the 2013-2014 president of
Marist College Singers, and a member of the Chamber Choir
and the Sirens, Marist’s all-female acapella group.
Five minutes with
Ashley Morris
Class of 2014, Communication major, Music minor
photo by Nicole Maziarz
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