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16 Winter 2014
This past fall, the Marist College Center
for Sports Communication launched a
weekly sports radio talk show on ESPN
Radio 1220, a network affiliate based in
the Hudson Valley. The weekly program,
called “The Classroom,” takes a smart
look at sports beyond scores and records,
going deeper into pressing issues at the
core of this vital social institution. This
partnership between an ESPN Radio
affiliate and an academic center is the
first of its kind in the nation and allows
students an opportunity to gain hands-on
experience in producing a professional
sports program. The show airs each
Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon.
Center director Dr. Keith Strudler, who
serves as the show’s executive producer
and co-host, recognizes the opportunity
the show has for interns.
“The Classroom is an amazing learn-
ing lab for students to do things through
the Center and the radio show most
people wouldn’t be able to do in class or
even through another internship,” said
Geoff Brault, who calls Marist football
and women’s basketball and is a sports
communication graduate and adjunct
instructor, also serves as a co-host for the
A typical week is full of meetings and
brainstorming, research and production.
Students take on various roles throughout
the week and during the show itself, from
preparing the run-down to collecting
audio clips to organizing show segments,
including regular features like “grades
of the week” and fan favorite “esoteric
sports topics debated in unnecessary
detail.” During the show itself, students
are responsible for handling social media,
organizing guests, and handling all techni-
cal production for the show.
In addition to “The Classroom,” the
Center also produces a weekly sports
package for ESPN 1220 called “The
Marist Minute,” a weekly look at what is
going on in Marist sports. The segment
airs each Friday at 10:45 a.m. and 12:45
p.m. and is entirely student planned and
produced. This has allowed students to
interview coaches and players and create
valuable portfolio work.
The Center has also teamed with
Marist advertising students, organized
by advertising instructor Kathy Boyle, to
sell and create sponsorship packages for
both “The Classroom” and “The Marist
Minute.” In only three months, this team
has sold six sponsorships and produced
customized communication packages for
Archives episodes of “The Classroom”
can be downloaded at the Center’s web
page as
Building on past successes,
the Center has brought sev-
eral notable sports profes-
sionals to campus as part of
its speaker series.
In the fall 2013, former
baseball player and man-
ager and television analyst
Bobby Valentine spoke to an
audience of approximately
300, the largest crowd in the
sports speaker series events
to date. He talked about his
time with the Mets, his work
in Japan, and the general
state of the game.
Also speaking in fall was
Yahoo Sports columnist
Adrian Wojnarowski, who
gave students advice on
building a career in the
competitive world of sports
journalism. Wojnarowski is
best known for his NBA writ-
ing and ability to cultivate
reliable sources in breaking
This fall lineup was pre-
ceded by a successful slate
of speakers during the 2013
spring semester, which
included Sports Illustrated
writer Chris Mannix, Jack
Curry of the YES Network,
and Marist graduate and
CBS Radio host Brandon
Tierney, who held an interac-
tive workshop with aspiring
sports broadcasters.
Before each talk, speak-
ers met with a small group
of sports communication
students for informal discus-
sion and networking. At
the conclusion of each talk,
speakers fielded questions
from the audience, offering
insider perspectives on sport
to career advice for future
Center launches The
Classroom/Marist Minute
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