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Winter 2014
A primary means of giving Marist stu-
dents unique educational opportunities
comes through the creation of partner-
ships with leading external organiza-
tions in the field. The Center for Sports
Communication has done that in becom-
ing the official academic partner of the
Sports PR Summit, an annual invite-only
event that brings together senior PR
executives from the pro and collegiate
sports ranks as well as from top sports
corporations for panel discussions and
valuable networking opportunities.
Through this partnership, the Center
and its students will provide logistical
and strategic support for the Sports PR
Summit both during the annual event
as well as throughout the year. This will
range from oversight of its social media to
onsite event support to eventually creat-
ing a student planning committee that
provides essential management of this
industry leading event.
The Center for Sports Communication
aspires to be a space for smart discussion
and study of important issues in sports
and sports media. For that reason, there’s
no better partner than the television
program that does just that each month,
HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.
Conducted for the first time in October
2013, the new HBO Real Sports/Marist
Poll done in conjunction with the Center
will expand the reach and potential of the
existing partnership between the Center
and the Marist Poll.
This new partnership allows one of TV’s
most acclaimed news magazine programs
to report national public opinion on key
issues. The findings of HBO Real Sports/
Marist Polls will be incorporated into
various parts of the program by host
Bryant Gumbel.
“Working with such a prestigious poll-
ing service is a terrific addition to the Real
Sports franchise,” says Real Sports senior
producer Joe Perskie. “This exclusive
content will hopefully provide insight,
perspective and trending on important
issues that are top-of-mind in the sports
The first HBO Real Sports/Marist Poll
examined the issue of concussions in
football and aired as part of the show’s
October program. The study was also
covered by dozens of major media outlets
nationwide, including, the
Today Show, and Deadspin.
Sports PR Summit founder and CEO
Brian Berger is excited by the partnership
and its potential for growth.
“Engaging the Center’s students, who
are focused specifically on sports com-
munication, will strengthen our ability to
produce a stronger annual event as well as
keep the sports PR conversations going in
between Summits,” said Berger.
Not only will student receive excellent
experience in helping to run the event,
they will also get unparalled access to
leaders in the industry. Center interns
Caitlin Kelly is excited to learn from these
top executives.
“Since I really want to work in sports
PR, I can’t wait to interact with this group
both in the planning phase as well as
on game day. The sessions alone will be
worth all the effort,” said Kelly.
The Summit will be held at MLB’s Fan
Cave in May.
Center creates
partnership with
HBO Real Sports
and Marist Poll
CBS Radio host Brandon Tierney was one of the dynamic sports communication speakers to
visit campus this year. He held an interactive workshop with aspiring sports broadcasters.
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