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18 Winter 2014
Three faculty
join school of
lived all over the country, but
he has always identified as
being a New Yorker who loves
the movie Ghostbusters and
listening to punk music.
After receiving his under-
graduate degree from the
University of Notre Dame,
Rogers moved to Syracuse
University to complete his
masters. Soon after Rogers re-
located again to the University
of North Carolina Chapel Hill
to complete his Ph.D. in Mass
“My research focuses on new
media and I feel it is critical
for students to think about
technology in their work,”
said Rogers. “I am always
interested in incorporat-
ing new media technology
into my lessons. This helps
students expand their tool kits
and innovate in their field.”
This is effective for Rogers,
who is teaching Broadcast
Newswriting, Introduction
to Journalism and Sports
Broadcast in his first semester
at Marist
topics that are all
being increasingly changed by
“Dr. Rogers’ ability to incor-
porate broadcast technology
into the journalism curricu-
lum was one of the many
reasons we were so excited
for him to join our faculty,”
said Dr. Lyn Lepre, associate
professor and assistant dean
in School of Communication
and the Arts. “Our students
are now getting strong train-
ing in broadcast news writing,
video editing, and reporting
all things they will need to
succeed in the competitive
job market. With his expertise
and skill, Marist journalism
students will be ably prepared
for internships and careers in
broadcast news.”
In fact, Rogers credits the
opportunities that Marist pro-
vides to both faculty and stu-
dents as his own reasoning for
coming to the College. “When
I visited Marist, I was really
impressed with the students,”
said Rogers. “Furthermore,
I enjoyed the collegiality
among students and faculty.
Beyond the people, Marist has
a promising future with many
opportunities for growth.”
Raised in Germany,
brings an international
outlook to the School of
Communication and the
Arts. With an undergraduate
degree from Bonn University,
Hoffmann relocated to
the University of Kansas
to peruse a master’s de-
gree, then moving to the
University of Georgia where
she earned her Ph.D. in Mass
Communications with a con-
centration in Public Relations.
Her research focuses particu-
larly on global public relations
with an area of interest in
crisis communication. “Global
and intercultural PR issues are
passions of mine and I try to
incorporate them as often as
I can,” said Hoffmann. Using
the example of car manufac-
turers, Hoffmann’s disserta-
tion analyzed the impact that
the country of origin of an
organization has on its com-
munication strategy and how
its publics, both at home and
abroad view it.
Beginning the Fall 2013
semester, Hoffmann will
display her passion for global
communication teaching
Integrated Strategies, Tactics
and Stakeholders, Applied
Research and Analytics, and
Reputation and Relationship
all newly
incorporated courses into the
Communications curriculum.
Using multiple teaching
methods including hands-
on activities, simulations,
guest speakers and videos,
Hoffmann uses her classes as
a way for students to gain real
world experience letting them
contribute to the curriculum
with their own expertise.
Marist public relations and
communications professional
lecturer Jennie Donohue
said, “Nadine’s background
is well suited for Marist’s
public relations program. Her
international communication
experience, combined with her
enthusiasm for teaching and
research interests, will be of
great benefit to our students.”
“I want to be a mentor to my
students and I want them to
know I care,” said Hoffmann.
A more intimate relationship
with students is one thing that
Hoffmann is looking for-
ward to. “One thing I really
like about American colleges
is that professors are more
available and generally have a
closer relationships with their
“I have at this point spent
more time at American uni-
versities than at German uni-
versities,” said Hoffman. But
that hasn’t stopped Hoffmann
from trying to reach her
goal of joining the Travelers’
Century Club, a club for
people who have visited at
least 100 countries. Hoffmann
is currently at 41 countries
and counting.
Ryan Rogers
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