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A combination of Marist’s
own unique culture and wa-
terfront location was exactly
was Hoffmann was looking
for when exploring her next
journey. “When I first visited
Marist, everyone was really
friendly: students, professors,
everyone. It just seemed like
a great environment,” said
Hoffmann. “Finally, I will
admit that Marist’s location
on the Hudson reminds me
of my home on the Rhine
River in Germany. It doesn’t
happen very often that you go
somewhere you’ve never been
before and you immediately
feel at home.”
Nadine Hoffmann
not your traditional college
Originally from upstate New
York, Mirabito graduated
from the Roy H. Park School
of Communications at Ithaca
College with his Bachelor’s of
Science in Communications.
Soon thereafter, Mirabito
received his master’s degree
in Sport Administration from
the University of Miami be-
fore moving on to his doctor-
ate degree, which he complet-
ed in 2013 at the University of
Tennessee in the Kinesiology
and Sport Studies Program.
“I don’t know if I can put
to words what my teaching
style is,” said Mirabito who
is teaching Introduction
to Communications and
Sports Reporting during
the Fall 2013 semester. “My
style is something between
pragmatist and someone
who will challenge though
This conversation is some-
thing that Mirabito credits
to today’s students who are
more in tuned to what is hap-
pening in the world around
them. “The best part of being
a faculty member now, as
opposed to when I was an
undergrad, is that the students
are so plugged in to what’s
happening in the ‘real world’,”
said Mirabito. “I view my role
as a professor as the person
that can facilitate interactions
in the classroom that provide
context to industry norms and
fill in the gaps with scholarly
work or personal expertise.”
Mirabito’s personal exper-
tise comes from a decade of
dedication and study. After
spending four years as a
sports producer at an ABC
television affiliate in Syracuse,
New York, he took a posi-
tion as sports editor of the
Finger Lakes Community
Newspapers in Ithaca, New
In 2007, Mirabitio moved to
Miami to peruse his master’s
degree where he worked at
Hurricane Sports Properties
as a marketing associate while
also teaching multiple sections
of Introduction to Sports
Administration in the School
of Education at the University
of Miami.
As a doctoral student at
the University of Tennessee,
Mirabito continued to teach
undergraduate classes includ-
ing Introduction to Recreation
and Sports Management,
Sports Marketing and Sports
“I loving being around col-
lege campuses,” said Mirabito.
“It is amazing to work in that
type of environment and see
the great things young people
are doing…some of the things
that this generation is able to
accomplish make me proud
and I’m glad I have the oppor-
tunity to be a part of that.”
Dr. Keith Strudler, director of
the Marist College Center for
Sports Communication said
he is pleased to have Mirabito
on faculty because he will be
a great new addition to the
growing sports center. “We’ve
been looking for a long time
for the perfect faculty member
to come in and help us with
our new initiatives. We have
tons going on. Tim couldn’t
have come at a better time.”
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