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Winter 2014
elite, Marist faculty and admin-
istration along with more than
75 fashion students gathered at
the Payne Mansion in Esopus,
NY, on November 17, 2013, for
“The Brunch” a day of leader-
ship, networking and industry
discussion. Nine speakers,
including Micah Grossman,
VP of Global Wholesale for
Jonathan Adler and Bjorn
Bengtsson, creative director for
Greg Norman, joined students
to share their leadership expe-
riences offering insight and ad-
vice into the fashion industry.
In addition, the industry pro-
fessionals were able to provide
knowledge on what characteris-
tics and skills employers in the
fashion are really looking for in
their employees. Grossman and
Bengtsson, both reached out to
Marist Fashion the following
day to express the value of the
event as being an extraordinary
opportunity for networking
early on in the student’s careers
and they were thankful to be
a part of the day, a testament
to the hard work put in by the
The event was created and or-
ganized by the Event Planning
course taught by Richard
Kramer, professional lecturer
of fashion design and merchan-
dising. The class worked to-
gether as a whole and at times
breaking off into teams to work
on different parts of the event
such as marketing, invitations,
event logistics, all while learn-
ing to work within a modest
budget. Students arranged to
hold the event at the Raymond
Rich Leadership Institute at
Payne Mansion, making this
the first student-organized
event held at the Leadership
Institute from its inception into
the Marist family.
Alyssa Rossi, ‘14, fashion major
and event marketing coor-
dinator of The Brunch said,
“The event was exclusive and
intimate. It allowed students,
fashion faculty and speakers to
speak freely and comfortably.
The Brunch gave me more
guidance than I could have
imagined, from how to set
myself apart from an electronic
application to what kind of
leader I want to be. All the in-
formation and advice we were
exposed to isn’t just for our
future careers, but can easily
be applied to our lives now as
Fashion students
plan industry
leadership event
photo by Sarah Gaudio, ‘14
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