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26 Winter 2014
photos courtesy ofGerald McNulty
Marist in Manhattan program
continues to thrive and grow
at least for a communications
or fashion major, is to work
at an organization such as the
New York Times or Chanel.
That dream can become a real-
ity for a college student if they
apply and get accepted into
Marist in Manhattan.
This program combines
online courses and a full-time
internship to give students the
opportunity to gain valuable
career experience while living
in New York City.
“It is meant to be a very
specific combination of intern-
ship work in a specific field in
a specific discipline combined
with courses that amplify what
the student does in that field,”
said Gerry McNulty, the direc-
tor of the Communication
Internship Program.
By going away from the
typical college campus,
students learn essential skills
involved in their careers after
they graduate. “You can sit
in a classroom and learn the
concepts and the theory but
it is not until you actual apply
them that you really have the
reality of what it is you’ll be
doing in the workplace,” said
Lydia Biskup, the internship
and placement coordinator of
the Fashion Program.
The communications de-
partment sent 13 students to
Manhattan in the Fall 2012
semester. Eleven students en-
rolled in the program spring.
2013 semester, and 15 com-
munications students as well
as one art student, enrolled for
Fall 2013 semester.
However, the numbers are
relatively low for the high lev-
els of students enrolled in the
communications and fashion
programs. “It is a highly com-
petitive program to get into.
We don’t look at big numbers.
We want the best of the best,”
Biskup said. For the fall of
2012, the fashion program
accepted nine Marist students
into Marist in Manhattan.
Four Marist students were en-
rolled for Spring 2013, as well
as one student from another
institution. These students
are interning at BCBG and
Kenneth Cole among others.
For Fall 2013, the fashion
program accepted 11 Marist
students and two external
The increase of student
interest and awareness in these
programs has been the result
of several factors. “We’re
expecting a bump since the
economy has gotten better
and I think people are more
interested in trying to do
something out of the opportu-
nity,” said McNulty. Another
appealing aspect of Marist in
Manhattan is living in New
York City. “New York City
becomes your classroom. You
are navigating and experienc-
ing big city life,” said Biskup.
Interestingly, Marist in
Manhattan was not originally
offered for Marist students.
In fact, the program was
not even named Marist in
Manhattan. Beginning in
2003, the New York Media
Experience program brought
in small groups of students
from other colleges to do a
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