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That’s how Lucitania Hernandez would
describe her year aboard in one word. Her-
nandez, a double major in communications
(public relations) and Spanish who will
graduate in May 2014 split her junior year
between Madrid, Spain, and Havana, Cuba.
“It’s not every day that you get to live and
immerse yourself completely into another
culture,” said Hernandez.
Yet, this is something that a growing
number of students at Marist have the
opportunity to do. “Approximately 40
percent of Marist students study abroad
at least once during their Marist years,”
said Dr. John Peters, dean of International
Programs at Marist. “This compares to an
approximate study abroad participation
rate of 5 percent for all U.S. undergraduate
In fact, in recent years, approximately 500
to 600 of Marist students study abroad
each year. What may be even more notable
is that many of these students—between
125 and 150 students each year—belong
to the School of Communication and the
In 2013, Marist ranked seventh in The
Princeton Review’s “top 20” list for “most
popular study abroad program,” and is
currently ranked 13th in the United States
among Master’s institutions for undergrad-
uate study abroad participation, according
to the “Open Doors Report,” published by
the Institute of International Education.
Ever expanding programs that reach into
every corner of the globe may be just one
the reasons for Marist’s abroad success. For
the first time during the Fall 2013 semester,
Marist’s Fashion Department sent three
fashion design and merchandising students
to Hong Kong Polytechnic Institute Uni-
versity for a full semester of study.
According to Jodi Hartmann, professional
lecturer in the Fashion Program, students
study a range of courses while in Hong
Kong from Color and Fashion Trends to
International Business for Fashion and
Textile, and of course, Mandarin.
“If you’re going to be in the apparel busi-
ness [Hong Kong is] the place to be,” said
Hartmann, who was one of the leaders
“The way a
student is
best able to
compete in
the [global]
industry is to
experience it
first hand.”
of the student orientation in Hong Kong.
“Fashion is a global business. To see that
globalization, to see the trends and how
they evolve—there will be a different ap-
preciation, a different point of view from
those students [who study abroad].”
Jill Hub, ‘14, fashion design major who
was one of the first three Marist students
to study in Hong Kong during the Fall
2013 semester describes her experience via
email from Hong Kong as “exciting” and
“Whenever I would tell people I was
studying abroad, and then add I was study-
ing abroad in Hong Kong, I would always
get the same response, ‘Why...?’ said Hub.
For me, however, Hong Kong just sounded
so exotic and exciting.”
Thousands of miles away from Hong
Kong, Marist fashion students also study
at L’Institut Supérieur Spécialisé de la
Mode or better known as Mod’Spé in Paris,
France. Here students spend a semester
studying with leading industry profession-
als, taking a variety of courses including
Product Development, Textiles, Fashion
Trend Forecasting and French.
Fashion Program Director Radley Cramer
cites the Mod’Spé program as one of the
most admired programs within the depart-
ment. “The Mod’Spé partnership has gone
quite well,” said Cramer. “What started out
four years ago as just a little short-term,
two-week program is now a full semester
partnership and it’s extremely popular.”
Generally speaking, study abroad is very
popular within the Fashion program.
According to Cramer, a vast majority of
2013–2014 juniors within the fashion de-
partment have or will study abroad.
“The way a student is best able to com-
pete in the [global] industry is to experience
it first hand,” said Cramer. “These students
with international opportunities have the
front row seat to what’s happening right
now and consequently will be major players
in the industry at some point.”
First-hand experience is a major competi-
tive edge that all international programs
with the School of Communication and
the Arts look to provide students who
study abroad, especially those programs
Paris photos courtesy of Marist International Programs
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