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Jill Hub, ‘15, Emma Hailey, ‘15, and Tori
Schemerhorn, ‘15, were the first Marist
students to spend a full semester study-
ing in Hong Kong as part of a Fashion
Program initiative.
that provide internship opportunities. Ac-
cording to Cramer, expanding the Mod’Spé
program to include an internship opportu-
nity to students is something the depart-
ment is looking toward incorporating in
the near future.
The Fashion Program is not the only
area within the School of Communica-
tion and the Arts to put a focus on study
abroad and international opportunities for
students. Communication students have
the opportunity to study in a variety of
locations including England, Australia, and
Marist’s own branch campus in Florence,
Students looking for a more intensive
international experience have the opportu-
nity to spend a year or even all four years
studying in Florence.
The Art and Art History Department
also provides many opportunities for stu-
dents to study in Florence, even extending
beyond the traditional undergradu-
ate degree.
“Our Masters in Museum Studies
is a new graduate program that we
are now offering only in Florence,”
said professor Richard Lewis, Pro-
fessor of art and academic coor-
dinator for Marist/LdM programs
via email from Florence, Italy. “It
is a degree with a true international
focus. As part of their coursework,
students are given unusual back
room access to the great museums
of Florence and elsewhere in Italy.
Museum professionals from all over
the world lecture in their classes.”
Students enrolled in the Museum
Studies program take part in an in-
tensive schedule consisting of three
terms for a total of 34 credits. Add-
ing to the unique value of the program,
partaking in an internship is required. Past
student internships have been completed
at prestigious locations such as the Polo
Museale Fiorentino, which oversees the
state museums of Florence, including the
Uffizi and Accademia, UNESCO in Paris,
photos courtesy of Jill Hub, ‘15 and Jodi Hartmann
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