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Winter 2014
he Silver Needle Fashion Show is held every
spring to showcase the talents of Marist’s stu-
dent designers. Two shows are produced with
a total attendance of more than 2,100 people.
The evening show is followed by a presenta-
tion of awards and scholarships.
Perhaps the most special aspect of the show is that it is wholly
produced by students and faculty of the Fashion Program. Mem-
bers of the Fashion Show Production class organize committees
dealing with every facet of the show from invitations to choreog-
raphy and marketing. They also marshal a cast of volunteers and
coordinate their efforts at the event. The Silver Needle Fashion
Show is the highlight of the year for the Fashion Program and an
exceptional learning experience for everyone involved.
Awards have been provided by Fifth & Pacific Foundation
Scholarship, Cutty Sark Scholarship, Young Menswear Association,
Geoffrey Beene Scholarship, Dominque Pino-Santiago Scholarship,
Mary Abdoo Scholarship Fund, Alecia Hicks Forster Scholarship
Fund, Dutchess County Home Bureau, Alyssa Martino Scholarship
Fund, Eva Block Memorial Scholarship and the Marist College
Fashion Program Scholarship Fund.
This year, the Silver Needle Judges included Maria Chen, head
designer for Calvin Klein Jeans; Louis Gerin, co-owner of Les
Garcons Paris; Lauren Giambalvo, owner/designer, Jack Henry
New York; Gregory Lamaud, co-owner, Les Garcons Paris; Chris
Manley, founding partner, Surfside Supply; Tracy Negoshian,
owner/designer, Tracy Negoshian Inc.; Dominique Pino Santiago,
The winning
senior design
collection was
inspired by
the lifestyle of
Mexican artist
Frida Kahlo.
Elizabeth Kaufman, ’13
owner/designer, Dominique Daniela; April Uchitel, brand consul-
atant, LF USA; and Susan Woo, owner, Susan Woo.
Elizabeth Kaufman, ‘13, was the winner of both the Outstanding
Senior Design Collection and the Outstanding Senior Design Port-
folio. Kaufman said, “My collection was inspired by the lifestyle
and culture of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. By incorporating
the richness of her wardrobe, her tendancy to wear mens clothing,
and various aspects of her life, the looks have a contemporary feel
while still incorporating the traditional elements. The combina-
tion of these silhouettes, textures, and patters is geared toward the
ethnic and print-loving downtown cool-girl.”
The Outstanding Senior Garment was awarded to Emily Banas,
‘13. Banas said, “My collection was inspired by the beautiful Islamic
art and motifs of Tunisia. I researched authentic middle eastern
clothing and in order to make my collection new and trend relevant,
I infused different athletic details and fabrics into my designs.
Following the show, the Council of Fashion Designers of
America identified five of the designers as rising talents within the
fashion industry: Marie Conger, ‘13, Emily Banas, ‘13, Nicole Per-
cacciolo, ‘13, Elizabeth Kaufman, ‘13, and
Amy Ferro, ‘13.
Percacciolo said her senior collection was
inspired by her grandfather and the strong
lines from his military uniforms during
World War II. Conger noted her senior col-
lection was inspired by the song and music
video “Whiskey Lullaby.”
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