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Winter 2014
had the pleasure of meeting Amy Ferro over the summer while she was interning with
Donna Morgan commuting from Marist and I was working on campus. Since I first
met her, she expressed her desire to become a fashion designer, and started working
on her projects for the collection that walked down the Silver Needle Fashion Show
runway this May.
I was able to listen to her ideas when she first started researching for her collection, and
I was one of the first to see her sketches. To me, watching the planning and development
processes took me by surprise to realize how talented Ferro is as a designer. I feel lucky to
have watched her collection grow from sketches into actual sewn garments and that I was
able to preview at her photo shoot when she asked me to be creative director and fashion
assistant at the Vanderbilt Mansion in Hyde Park.
I was proud of Ferro when I watched how the audience reacted at the Silver Needle Fash-
ion Show when her collection went down the runway.
Ferro started planning for her senior collection the day after she finished her junior year.
“I started preparing for my senior collection the day I started at Marist. Everything we do
builds up to preparing for our senior collection,” Ferro said.
The senior designers at Marist have to do a summer assignment to prepare them for the
fall. They had to come up with three collections to be presented to faculty on the first day
: Can you explain your idea of creating a
look book for your collection?
I wanted to find a way to positively represent my
collection in a setting that would complement
the mood of my collection. My inspiration for
my collection is Victorian so I wanted to go with
this same idea. I decided to shoot the look book
at the Vanderbilt Mansion because I felt the fa-
çade of the mansion was very old and romantic
and I felt that would complement my collection.
I chose a model that I felt represented who my
customer is and kept the hair and makeup very
simple and feminine so it would not distract
from the clothing. I also styled the model with
shoes and accessories that related back to my
inspiration and complemented the clothing.
: What was your favorite class in Fashion?
Any professors that have guided you, or
that you learned the most from?
I have learned so much frommy apparel classes
and portfolio classes. I was more familiar
with sewing then I was figure drawing when
I started as a freshman. The apparel classes
really excelled my sewing skills and introduced
to more advanced draping and pattern making
techniques. I had to work much harder at my
portfolio classes because drawing was a bigger
struggle for me. All the teachers I had for these
classes guided me through and gave me the
help I needed to be a well-rounded designer. I
still have strengths and weaknesses, but my
skills do not even compare to when I was a
freshman. We just got back our portfolios that
we submitted to be accepted into the program
and it is so exciting to know how far you have
as a designer.
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