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44 Winter 2014
of their senior year. The three concepts
included inspiration, fabric, target cus-
tomer, trend and garment research. The
designers also had to come up with sketch-
books and mood boards for their three
concepts along with a customer profile and
trend analysis board.
“Two of the inspirations could be
whatever we wanted and one had to come
from a phrase that was randomly assigned
to us and we could interpret it however
we wanted. I was given the phrase, “The
Widows.” On the first day of class we
presented all of our concepts to the faculty
and they chose the collection we would
move forward with. For me, they chose
the collection based on “The Widows” and
that was the real starting point for my col-
lection,” Ferro said.
Ferro did a lot of research to interpret
this phrase “The Widows.” She found that
in the Victorian Era there was a social code
in which women followed after the death
of a husband or family member. There
were different stages of mourning and
based on the stage there were different
rules on what you could wear. Sometimes
women could not afford new clothes so
they would dye their clothing black, so the
starting point of my collection was The
Victorian Clothing Era.
“I did a lot of research on Victorian
garments and was able to get my hands on
some actual period garments. Many of my
details and silhouettes come from Victo-
rian garments and details. I chose to focus
on the later stages of mourning so that
meant women could start to wear color
and not just black. I have a lot of color
and print in my collection and bits of black
here and there,” Ferro said.
Making designs that come to life in fab-
ric is a very long and hard process. Ferro
went through several sketchbooks before
she got looks approved.
“The sketchbooks were filled with gar-
ment and fabric research and historical
references to help explain my sketches.
Finding a way to show my ideas on paper
was a long process in itself,” she said.
Designers made muslins after their ideas
were approved by fashion faculty. The
sketches would evolve when working in
fabric. Ferro would sometimes make two
or three muslins of the same garment be-
fore coming to a final product. After the
designers had samples finished they moved
on to working with the final fabric.
“We had a surface manipulation project
where we had to create our own fabric or
change existing fabric to make it our own,”
Ferro said.
Rarely do the designers go to a fabric
store then cut and sew a garment without
manipulating the fabric. This was the next
step to create their own fabric and then they
would make the garment with the patterns
from their final muslin.
“Once we had fittings with finished gar-
ments it was really rewarding to see the final
product. When you know how much goes
into just one garment you really appreci-
ate seeing your designs come to life,” Ferro
I asked Ferro how long she thinks she
has spent in the Fashion Labs in Donnelly.
She told me it is hard to say just how many
hours she spent in the lab over her senior
year because it was too many to keep track
“As seniors we are in the lab all the time
and when we are not we are constantly
working and thinking about our collection,”
she said.
Ferro said that the fashion shows and
photo shoots have been her favorite mo-
ments about being a part of the Fashion
Program at Marist.
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