FOXTALK Winter 2014 - page 45

Winter 2014
“It is very rewarding to see something that
you have worked so hard on walk down the
runway or on a model and look so profes-
sional. Everyone that goes through this
program works extremely hard and we are
pushed to become the best designers that
we can be. It is very exciting to see how
all of your hard work comes together,” she
“The interesting thing about the senior
collections is that they are all different. I
liked Amy’s because she made Victorian
widow theme modern. She had fine hand-
work and showed her talent in her technique
and creative skills. She has a very strong
collection along with all the strong senior
class designers. Hers was certainly one of
the best,” Radley Cramer, fashion program
director, said.
Ferro is not sure where she will be after
graduation, but she would like to focus on
finishing her collection and getting a strong
portfolio finished before she starts sending
her information to employers. She wants to
make sure that she is the best candidate she
can be.
Ideally after graduation Ferro would like
to find a job as an assistant designer for a
women’s wear line. She is in the process
of working with the Fashion Department
to submit a portfolio for to the Council
of Fashion Designers of America for a
“CFDA approved certification.”
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