FOXTALK Winter 2014 - page 48

48 Winter 2014
the annual Marist College Art and Art History
Exhibition took place from Sept. 19 to Oct. 19.
This year’s exhibit featured a very special piece,
a bronze Greek Corinthian helmet from the
6th century B.C. The piece enabled students to
study the Hellenistic history and spirit, con-
cepts from ancient Greece that continue to
be relevant today, Ed Smith, gallery director,
said. “Since we’ve got the new core going on, we
want to try to engage more and more students
in different ideas,” he says, “not only in art.”
The show essentially had two parts: artwork
completed by Marist faculty throughout the
year and works that were done specifically
in response to the helmet, making it the focal
point of this year’s exhibition.
Ed Smith, gallery director, was inspired to
pursue the helmet by “The Boxer,” a Greek
bronze that was featured over the sum-
mer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
“That piece made me think, ‘why couldn’t
we do something on a smaller scale here at
Marist?” Smith said.
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