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Winter 2014
Favorite Class Taken at Marist:
Affairs Reporting. It was first offered last
year with my advisor professor Kevin
Lerner. This class allowed us to get hands-
on experience in reporting within the
Poughkeepsie area, similar to an intern-
ship. We had a variety of stories that re-
lated to crime, politics, local hotspots, etc.
In addition we spoke with councilmen,
business owners and other community
leaders. These interactions allowed us to
network effectively, find reliable sources
and as a result write quality pieces.
What are your goals and plans for after
I am currently keeping my op-
tions open. I’m researching and applying
to graduate programs such as Columbia,
NYU and Northwestern. Northwestern
has a combined Master’s program in
Journalism and Integrated Marketing,
which is my top choice at the moment. I’m
also applying for a variety of jobs but my
focus is on public office political cam-
paigns to work on their social media and
What have been your most beneficial
experiences as a student in the School of
Communication and the Arts?
The formation of great relationships
with my professors. These relationships
have allowed me to learn so much and
they have given me the opportunity to
meet and have dinner with people such
as Jake Tapper, Chief White House
Correspondent and an anchor on CNN.
I’ve also been invited to attend the
2013 Poynter Institute’s Gala & Panel
Discussion with speakers from both the
Obama and Romney campaigns, along
with Chuck Todd from NBC news and
other personalities
from various news
agencies to discuss
campaign coverage.
These events allowed me to learn from
industry professionals firsthand and to
network at an early stage in my career.
At what internship(s) do you believe you
gained the most experience?
I’ve been lucky enough to have my best
working experience right here on the
Marist Campus with the Admissions
Office working directly with the Director
of Social Media and Online Initiatives.
I’ve been fortunate enough to get hands-
on experience with all of Marist’s social
media accounts and have created differ-
ent campaigns to connect with prospec-
tive students. A recent project we started
in August 2013 is the Live Chats with
prospective students via Google Hangout,
these have attracted 100 to150 prospective
students each time.
What will you miss most about Marist?
The people; I came from a small com-
munity and when I came to college I was
really looking for that community feel and
I found it here at Marist.
Has Marist prepared you for the real
world? How?
Yes, definitely. I feel as
though Marist starts preparing you as
soon as you’re accepted. The overall
message is, “Congratulations on your
acceptance to Marist but you have to start
thinking about life past Marist quickly.”
Marist drills into your mind that these
four years go by quickly and you must
take advantage of the opportunities of-
fered to you.
Jeff Holmes has been a true leader on campus as president of
Marist Ambassadors, a group made up of over 180 students
that acts as liaison between the admissions office and prospec-
tive students. In addition, Jeff spear-headed the creation of the
Society of Professional Journalists on campus, and now serves
as its president.
Five minutes with
Jeffrey Holmes
Class of 2014, Communication major, Journalism concentration
photo by Nicole Maziarz
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