Living in New York City

New York is a world unto itself. It is home to many of the greatest fashion designers in the world, fabulous museums and galleries and it is irrefutably the media capital of the planet. But it's also a place to live - and to play. Students in the Marist in Manhattan program have actually told us there are so many things to see and do, they have trouble listing them all. Enjoying Italian ices in Central Park or the ice rink in Bryant Park. Strolling the tree-lined streets of Brooklyn's tony Park Slope, or enjoying the view from the High Line, overlooking the Hudson River on the West Side. Partying at nightclubs in the East Village. Partying at nightclubs on the Upper East Side. Restaurants here, there and everywhere - Chinatown, Restaurant Row on 46th, or the shops at Eataly Market. Weekends in SoHo. Weeknights in Midtown. Live performances on the sidewalks of Times Square and Rockefeller Center. See it, do it, live it. New York.