The Silver Fox Awards


 2006 SFA graphic








 2006 news graphic



Ryan Voight takes his camera to new heights and wins the Silver Fox for Best News Feature 





 2006 sports graphic



 Winner for Best Sports Report,  Ralph Fillardo






2006 music video graphic



Mackenzie Edgerton wins Best Music Video for her dreamlike images to accompany the Bright Eye's song, haligh





2006 commercial graphic



The Silver Fox for Best Commercial goes to Joe Fantauzi






2006 animation graphic



Best Animation goes to Mike Casale






2006 comedy graphic



The John Larocchia-Ryan Cowdrey sketch review That's a Shame takes the Silver Fox for Best Comedy





2006 film graphic



Mackenzie Edgerton becomes the first double winner in Silver Fox history.  Along with Best Music Video, she wins Best Film for Anamnesis, an avant-garde, stream-of-consciousness film about a young man facing death and memories of his beloved. 



2006 actress graphic


Lindsey Bryd wins the Best Actress Award as the girl haunting the dreams of the main character in Anamnesis.






2006 actor graphic



The Silver Fox for Best Actor goes to Michael Kohl as the unwitting victim of a police sting in the crime drama Great White.