The 2008 Silver Fox Awards

May 4

2008 SFA poster


The program opened with "Marist Goes to the Movies" in which famous scenes
from classic movies were re-created with familiar Marist faces.

 marist goes to the movies composite

 2008 music video graphic




James Ort uses special effects, animation and live action in his winning music video, A Song for Milly Michaelson




 2008 news graphic



 Winner for Best News Report,  Rob McNicholas





2008 sports graphic



Best Sports Report winner, Rob McNicholas






2008 commercial graphic



The Silver Fox for Best Commercial goes to James Ort.






2008 animation graphic



Best Animation goes to Nell McGuire's For Your Own Safety





2008 animation graphic



MCTV's Good Morning Riverview takes the Silver Fox for Best Comedy





2008 documentary graphic



The Blue Knights, produced by Peter Ponzio and Nick Orsini, wins Best Documentary





2008 actor graphic


Bill O'Connor wins his second consecutive Best Actor award for his portrayel of a villainous college president in The Gold Coin of Aramathea





2008 actress graphic


Katie O'Loughlin picks up her Silver Fox for Best Actress playing a concerned sister in the psychological drama Parting of the Sensory.





2008 film graphic



 The satirical comedy The Gold Coin of Aramathea takes the honors as Best Film of 2008






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