Music Camps - FAQs

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our annual Music Camps.

Q: As a first year student, when I arrive on campus, am I moving into my permanent room for the fall semester?
A:  Yes.  You will move into your regularly assigned dorm room when you arrive to campus.  You will be doing your full move in, so be sure to arrive with everything you need to get your room settled for the semester.  And fear not, you will not be doing the move alone.  We will assign you an upperclass music mentor to help you move in, give you a tour of the campus, visit any administrative offices you may need to visit, and even show you how to get your books for the Fall semester. 


Q:  I'm not sure what time I am supposed to move in.  Where can I find this information?
A:  Your move in time is determined by a number of factors.  For your specific move-in time, please visit the Music Camps page and click on Move-in Times.


Q:  Do I have to pay for meals?
A:  The $150 registration fee covers scheduled meals throughout the week.  Should you want to order food outside the regularly scheduled meals (i.e. - pizza, Chinese food, etc.), you must incur the cost.  Students with food allergies or special dietetic needs are asked to email with requests for special consideration. 


Q:  Traditional freshman move-in is on Saturday, will be I be in the dorm alone all week?
A:  No.  Aside from the other musicians that live in your residence hall, Resident Directors and Assistants will be staffed throughout the week.  In addition, Marist Security officers will be on hand throughout the week. 


Q:  When is our first performance?  Can't I just pick up on the music once the semester starts?
A:  For the band, the first performances may be at the Faculty Welcoming Reception on the Friday of Music Camp.  For Singers and String Orchestra, your first performance will be at Family Weekend.  With such limited rehearsals, unless you are in attendance at music camp, picking up on the music will be very difficult. 


Q:  I don't come from a marching program, am I going to be in over my head with the Marist Band? 
A:  No need to worry.  As our director, Art Himmelberger says, "don't anticipate, participate."  Because we have students from varying levels of marching experience, we have developed a marching method that is easy to learn.  Once you sign up for camp, online resources will be made available for you to view before you get to campus.  


Q:  Will I get my music ahead of time? 
A:  Members of the Marist Band will be able to access music through our iLearn site.  Singers and String Orchestra members will receive their folders during camp.


Q:  Is there a required uniform?
A:  Yes.  All students are required to wear a uniform for both our informal and formal performances.  For our informal performances (football, basketball games/Family Weekend performances), musicians are required to purchase a red Marist College polo through the Music Department.  The polo is worn with black dress pants, black socks and black closed toe shoes at these performances.  For our formal performances (Lessons and Carols, Winter Festival Concerts, Spring Festival Concerts), formal wear is required.  Women must purchase a performance gown from vendor Formal Fashions, and a tuxedo is required for men.  If men already own a tuxedo, they do not need to purchase another.  However, any man needing formal wear is required to have a complete tuxedo before Thanksgiving break.  Below are links to purchase the required formal wear.  Sizing information is also available by clicking on the links below. 


Q:  I played a school-owned instrument in high school, can I rent an instrument at Marist?
A:  The music department has a number of instruments available to students at no cost.  If you need to borrow an instrument, please indicate what type of instrument you require on your registration form.  When you arrive on campus, we will set you up with an instrument for the year.  You will be required to furnish your own supply of reeds or specialized mouthpieces. 


Q:  When can I audition for the select performance ensembles? 
A:  Music at Marist offers a number of select performing ensembles.  Vocalists may audition for the Chamber Singers and instrumentalists may audition for the Wind Symphony.  Chamber Singers auditions occur during the first week of classes, and initial wind symphony auditions occur during camp.  For ample time to learn audition materials, it is imperative to come to music camp.    Remaining performance ensembles, such as String Orchestra, Gospel or Chapel Choir, Jazz Band, Brass, Woodwind, Percussion, Guitar, Flute or Handbell choirs, do not require auditions.  Sirens (student-run all female a cappella group) and Time Check (student-run all male a cappella group) maintain their own audition standards and schedule which are furnished at the start of each semester. 


Q:  Why is there a strange ensemble on my schedule?  I thought I just signed up for band or singers!
A:  We have made every effort to accommodate your course requests based on the information you have provided us through Accepted Student Open House and June Orientation programs.  Even though you may not be currently be registered for Marist Band, Singers Men or Freshman Women's Choir, you are still active participants of the Marist Band, Marist Singers or String Orchestra.  These smaller ensembles are all supportive chamber groups of the larger organization, without which we could not function.  If an unfamiliar ensemble appears on your schedule, do not be alarmed.  These ensembles provide us with the first-class faculty that allow us to give you nothing less than the best in ensemble technique and diverse performance opportunity.  They are not substitutes for our larger organizations, however they are meant to give you yet another opportunity to keep your horns in your hand, strings under your fingers, and a song in your head.  A full department meeting will occur on the first night of camp, at which all of these ensembles will be explained to you.  We ask that you do not modify your schedule until after that meeting and speaking with the department chair.