The Chapel Choir

The Chapel Choir provides support and reflection for the students who attend the liturgies of the Chapel at regular masses each Sunday and on other occasions at religious services. The Choir involves student musicians, soloists and choir singers to minister to the prayer needs of the Campus community.

A student has the option to take Chapel Choir for one course credit or elect to earn priority points for participation in this group. As the Catholic students on campus depend on Chapel Choir for the weekly Sunday liturgy, the regular participation of all members of the choir is vital to our service.

Charles & Mabel Conklin Chapel Endowment Scholarship
Each year a scholarship is awarded to an incoming Catholic man or woman singer who has prior experience in a Catholic church choir, appropriate grades and the talent and willingness to commit to improving the musical efforts of the Chapel Choir. For further information, please contact the Office of Student Financial Services and the Campus Minister for Liturgy. Renewable for one additional year only after review by the Director of the Chapel Choir.