About the Computer Science and Mathematics Community

Faculty, Staff, Students, Alumni, and Research Partnerships

Marist College School of Computer Science and MathThe Marist College community prides itself on being a connected and supportive body, and this spirit also holds true with the School of Computer Science and Mathematics. Please visit our Learning Outcomes page for detailed information of the academic expectations for each of our departments. 

In addition to working and learning with some of the brightest, most motivated students from around the United States and the world, you'll also enjoy the small class-size lead by professors and faculty with both prestigious academic credentials and years of industry experience. We encourage you to read the latest issue of FoxLogic Magazine to learn more about the awards, accolades, and research activities our faculty, students, and corporate partners have been involved in.

Our faculty advisors come to know each and every student, and are available to help develop an appropriate plan of study and counsel on key topics such as internships, research opportunities, preparation for Ph.D. and professional program, and employment. Our robust network of alumni at both leading, international companies such as IBM, Goldman Sachs, and Cisco as well as small, start-up ventures scattered throughout the region offers students learning and mentoring experiences that complement those presented in the classroom. Please visit our Computer Science and Mathematics Advisory Board page to learn more about the individuals from leading corporations and research institutions who are helping to lead our School.

Our School offers long-established research and recruiting partnerships to all members of our network through our Enterprise Computing Community, Enterprise Computing Research Lab, the Institute for Data Center Professionals (IDCP), the Greystone Program, and the IBM Joint Study. In addition, thanks to the generosity of the National Science Foundation (NSF) and Goldman-Sachs Gives, we are pleased to offer full-tuition scholarships to qualified undergraduate students majoring in computer science and technology.

Recent Publications:

Ron Coleman, Ph.D., Prof. Computer Science; Donna Berger, Ph.D. Dir. Academic Grants;  Jane Fiore, Dir. Academic Learning Ctr; Mary Ann Hoffmann, Assoc. Dean; Roger Norton, Ph.D., Dean, Marist College

Outcomes and Lessons from S-STEM Program

Donna Berger, Ph.D., and Mary Ann Hoffmann, Marist College

A Freshman Community Framework for Attracting and Retaining CS and IT Majors

Donna Berger, Ph.D. Dir. Academic Grants; Ron Coleman, Ph.D., Prof. Computer Science; Jane Fiore, Dir. Academic Learning Ctr; Mary Ann Hoffmann, Assoc. Dean; Roger Norton, Ph.D., Dean, Marist College

A First-Year Experience Self-Management Course for Computer Science Majors