Name: Marilyn Zeppetelli
Title: Professional Lecturer and Director of Large Systems Education
Office Location: Hancock Center 2010
Extension: (845) 575-3062
Degrees Held:

BS Mathematics, Marymount College

MS Computer Science/Information Systems, Marist College

MS Biotechnology/Bioinformatics, Johns Hopkins University


Marilyn has over 25 years of experience working with IBM mainframes, both as a software engineer and a systems programmer, in various roles such as customer technical support, technical education for beta programs, and mainframe systems administration (systems programming).  She is also well versed in a broad spectrum of old and new programming languages from Assembler, Basic and SQL to Java, Perl and Python.

In addition to teaching courses in Enterprise Computing, Marilyn serves as the Director of Large Systems Education where she has overall responsibility for the technical content and administration of the Enterprise Computing curriculum.