Name: Dr. Eitel J.M. Lauria
Title: Professor and Graduate Director, Information Technology & Systems
Office Location: Hancock Center 3043
Extension: (845) 575-3598
Personal Web Page:
Degrees Held:

Electrical Engineering 6-year degree, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
MBA, Universidad del Salvador, Argentina / Universidad de Deusto, Spain
PhD Information Science, University at Albany, SUNY


Dr. Lauria has worked as an information systems and IT consultant for the last two decades, advising on such topics as decision support systems, business intelligence, client/server technology and Internet-based and e-commerce applications. As a partner with GLD Consultores in Argentina, he worked with a number of organizations, including Microsoft, IBM, Exxon, Reuters, Philip Morris, Hewlett Packard, STET France Telecom, Accenture and Ryder. Before coming to Marist, he was a Lecturer at the Dept. of Management Science and Information Systems, School of Business, University at Albany. In Argentina he was a faculty member and chair of the MIS Dept. at the School of Business, Universidad del Salvador.


His areas of interest include Data Management, Information Decision Systems, Business Intelligence, Data Quality, Data Mining, Statistical Machine Learning and probabilistic expert systems.

Awards & Honors:

2015 Board of Trustees Distinguished Teaching Award

Sadosky Prize Winner for Best Research Work on Information Technology, 2007, CESSI (Chamber of Information Technology Companies in Argentina).

2007-2008 recipient of Faculty Recognition Award for Distinguished Scholarship, Marist College.

Office of the Academic Vice President's Award for outstanding scholarship achievement, 2005, 2006, 2007, Marist College.