Honors in Mathematics

Up to approximately 10% of the graduating seniors in Mathematics or Applied Mathematics may be awarded Honors in Mathematics on the basis of 1) demonstrated achievement in the mathematics or applied mathematics major and 2) demonstrated ability to work independently on a project of greater depth than that normally required of majors. Students who wish to be considered for Honors in Mathematics should begin planning during the junior year, and then complete the items below under the guidance of a faculty project advisor during the senior year:

  • Have the advisor present a project proposal to the Mathematics Department for formal approval (ideally at the start of the senior year).
  • Conduct the research project as part of a 3- to 6-credit independent study.
  • Present the results of the project in at least one approved public forum.
  • Present the results of the project in written form (i.e., an Honors thesis) by the last day of final exams in the spring semester.

For more details please contact the Department Chair or read the complete description.

The following students have graduated with Honors in the Major in Mathematics.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the research thesis projects, which are presented as .pdf files (when available).

Jeffrey Santos (2005)
"The Secrecy of Pearl Harbor"PDF

Benjamin Segal (2003)
"Finite Simple Groups Up to Order 1000"

Jonathan Keating (2003)
"Solvability of the Quintic"

Steven Black (2003)
"A Discussion of the Connectedness Locus of Complex Cubic PolynomialsPDF
(figures 1-2, figures 3-4, figures 5-6, figures 7-8, figures 9-10, figure 11)

Steven Tedford (1997)
"A Brief Look at Hamiltonian Graphs and Long Cycles"