Mathematics Department Mission Statement


The Department of Mathematics exists to support the study and advancement of mathematics.  Mathematical reasoning is a uniquely effective method of describing and analyzing human experience.  As such, it is an indispensable part of any education in the sciences or liberal arts.

 The Department of Mathematics combines the traditional focus of a liberal arts mathematics education with modern technology to create an environment that fosters quantitative reasoning and deductive thinking, and that promotes mathematical understanding.  At all levels of the mathematics curriculum students develop a broad understanding of the field of mathematics and its historical development, the interdisciplinary applications of mathematics, and the role mathematics plays in the careers they choose.

 The Department of Mathematics seeks to ensure that all Marist students are given a basic understanding of mathematical reasoning and some experience of its application. More advanced techniques and interpretative skills are taught to those whose chosen disciplines require them.  The Department offers major and minor courses of study that initiate students into the active practice and use of mathematics.  Mathematics majors are provided with the background necessary to pursue careers in industry, to teach in the secondary schools, or to succeed in further graduate study.

 The Department of Mathematics provides resources that support the scholarly activities of its faculty and students.  It strives to provide appropriate mathematical services as well as to make the principles and use of mathematics known to the wider community outside of Marist College.