Mathematics Program

The Department offers majors in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, and an 18 credit minor in mathematics.

The Mathematics Major

The Mathematics major at Marist offers a solid grounding in the ideas and techniques of mathematics. During the junior and senior year, the student can use the upper level elective mathematics courses to tailor the major to career goals:

  • Applied Statistics, Operations Research, and Numerical Analysis emphasize the ideas and methods used in business and industry.
  • Abstract Algebra II, Differential Equations, and Complex Variables emphasize the conceptual understanding of mathematics and the techniques useful in the sciences.
  • Fundamental Concepts of Geometry and two additional upper level mathematics elective courses are required for teaching certification in adolescence mathematics.

The Applied Mathematics Major

Applied Mathematics is a growing interdisciplinary field. The Applied Mathematics curriculumPDF maintains a strong foundation in traditional mathematics, with an upper level focus on the methods and topics central to applications in diverse areas. Since Applied Mathematics is interdisciplinary, students choose one of four outside fields to concentrate in: Computer Science, Economics, Biology, or Chemistry.

The Mathematics Minor

The minor in Mathematics is a great opportunity for interested students to learn about the discipline without committing to a major. The minor requires the student to complete the three-semester sequence in Calculus (12 credits), and two additional mathematics courses (Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning, and the student's choice of Linear Algebra or Discrete Mathematics I).

Honors in Mathematics

Up to approximately 10% of the graduating seniors in Mathematics will be awarded honors in the major on the basis of demonstrated achievement in the mathematics major and demonstrated ability to work independently on a project of greater depth than that normally required of a mathematics major. Departmental faculty will select recipients each spring from among graduating seniors meeting the following minimum criteria:

  • Successful completion in the junior year to three of the following six courses: Math 330 (Probability and Statistics), Math 331 (Applied Statistics), Math 410 (Abstract Algebra I), Math 411 (Abstract Algebra II), Math 420 (Mathematical Analysis I), and Math 421 (Mathematical Analysis II).
  • Successful completion of a two-semester research thesis project during the senior year culminating in the public dissemination of the student's work to all members of the mathematics department.
  • Minimum GPA of 3.25 in the major

Activities in Mathematics

In addition to the academic programs noted above, the Department of Mathematics offers several activities that will be of interest to students of mathematics.