Corporate Partnerships and Research Opportunities

Our relationships help to create knowledge and enhance technology

Marist College School of Computer Science and MathThe School of Computer Science and Mathematics benefits from several long-standing research and development partnerships with corporate entities and government agencies. Not only do these relationships help to provide students with the best possible learning environments and career connections, but they also help to ensure that Marist College has a technological infrastructure that stands on par with large, research universities and institutions. In addition to offering state-of-the-art computer labs and technology access to students and faculty, we also provide our expertise and assistance to regional small businesses and non-profit groups, further extending and deepening the learning and research experience.  In addition, thanks to the generosity of the National Science Foundation (NSF) and Goldman-Sachs Gives, we are pleased to offer full-tuition scholarships to qualified undergraduate students majoring in computer science and technology. Please visit our Computer Science and Mathematics Advisory Board page to learn more about the individuals from leading corporations and research institutions who are helping to lead our School.

Visit each of the following pages to learn more about the benefits of each partnership. We're certain that you'll agree these relationships make our School a very unique place!