Detailed Specifications

The ECR z114 has the following processing power available:

  • For z/OS - 2 System z CPs
  • For z/VM and Linux on System z – 3 IFLs
  • For AIX - 2 PS701 Power blades
  • For Windows and Linux on x86 - 2 HS5 System x blades

There is a total of 120GB of memory available for z/OS, z/VM, and Linux on System z. Each of the System p and System x blades have 64 GB of memory available. Memory will be shared and allocated to virtual machines based on need by the ECR team. Additionally, the z114 will provide between 10.7 and 12.5 TB of new usable disk space, depending on how the storage is ultimately configured for redundancy.

From an operating system perspective, the new z114 will allow your research projects to run on any combination of:

  • z/OS (System z GP)
  • z/VM (System z IFL)
  • Linux on System z (System z IFL)
  • AIX (System p POWER CPU)
  • Linux on Intel (System x Intel CPU)
  • Windows (System x Intel CPU)

All of the available operating systems will run in either traditional System z LPARs (for z/OS) or in a virtual environment based on a hypervisor. The supported hypervisors are:

  • Traditional LPARs via PR/SM for z/OS
  • z/VM for z/VM and Linux on System z images
  • PowerVM for AIX images
  • KVM for Linux on Intel and Windows virtual machines