zEnterprise Presentations

The following presentations provide information regarding the capabilities of the zEnterprise mainframe computer in the Enterprise Computing Research Lab and outline various projects which have already been initiated in the lab:

  • Jeff Frey, IBM Fellow
  • Carl Parris, Senior Technical Staff Member: System z Strategy, Design and Performance Analysis, IBM
  • Peter Yocum, Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM
  • Eitel Lauria, Associate Professor, Marist School of Computer Science and Mathematics
  • Scott Frank, Associate Professor, Marist School of Computer Science and Mathematics

Research Publications

The following papers and conference presentations reflect research work performed in the ECRL lab.

  • Coleman, R., Ghattamaneni, U., Logan, M., “Bond Portfolio Analysis with Parallel Collections in Scala”, International Journal of Advanced Computer Science Applications, Volume 3, Number 7, August 2012 
  • Coleman, R., Ghattamaneni, U., “Parallel Collections: A Free Lunch?,” Journal of Computer Science and Engineering, Volume 17, Issue 2, February 2013 
  • Frank, S. D., Odom, R. I., and Collis J. M., “Parabolic equation solutions for elastic bottom underwater acoustic problems using seismic sources,” J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 133(3), 1358–1367, March 2013  
  • Lauría E.,  Moody E. , Jayaprakash S., Jonnalagadda N., Baron J. (2013), "Open Academic Analytics Initiative: Initial Research Findings", Proceedings of LAK 2013 (Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference) , Leuven, Belgium, April 8 - 12, 2013
  • Recently submitted to the Journal of Learning Analytics:  "Early Alert of Academically At-Risk Students: An Open Source Analytics Initiative",  authored by  Sandeep M. Jayaprakash, Erik W. Moody, Eitel J.M. Lauría, James R. Regan, Joshua D. Baron.
  • Frank, S. D., Collis, J. M., and Odom, R. I., “Modeling oceanic T-phases and interface waves with a seismic source and parabolic equation solutions.” 11th European Conference on Underwater Acoustics, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. July 2012
  • Coleman, R., Ghattamaneni, U., Logan, M., Labouseur, A., “Computational Finance with Map-Reduce in Scala”, PDPTA'12 -- The 2012 International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and Applications, Las Vegas, NV,  16 – 19 Jul, 2012
  • Frank, S. D., Collis, J. M., and Odom, R. I., “Effects of seismic source and environment parameters on elastic bottom parabolic equation solutions.” 164th meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, Kansas City, MO. October 2012