Reopening Committees

In addition to the work of the committees independently and collectively, the College planning discussions have included extensive input from the Student Government Association, the Faculty Affairs Committee, the Deans’ Council, and the Marist College Board of Trustees. In addition, dozens of individual members of the community—students, faculty, staff, alumni—have provided important suggestions and critical insight into this process. Marist College is deeply appreciative of the wide range of discussion resulting in our planning.

Academic Planning Committee

Charge: Prepare the College’s academic schools for a return to in-person operations, and
propose plans for necessary adjustments to instruction, research, and student support based on stakeholder
outreach to faculty and students. Additionally, the committee has prepared for contingencies should it not be
safe to return, in part or in full, to on-campus operations. 

Operations Committee

Charge: Prepare campus operations for a return to in-person instruction and residential academic experience, focusing specifically on health and well-being, support services, campus events and
activities, and campus spaces.

Student Affairs Committee

Charge: Prepare Student Affairs operations for a safe, high-quality environment for residential and commuter
student life at Marist.